Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Kids wonder how the universe works and have amazingly deep questions about both the science and philosophical questions behind that science. Anthony Hernandez learned that when he saw his 9 year old son doing homework about atoms and molecules and offered to talk to his class about quantum physics. His teacher accepted and the kids sent Anthony a long list of questions that go to the heart of just what constitutes reality. They loved the talk so much that they volunteered to give up a lunch period to hear a second talk.

Anthony was so impressed by their curiosity that he decided to gift each student a book on the subject. He went online to check out titles and was amazed to discover that no good books exist. He therefore decided to write that book and to raise money to be able to gift each student at his son’s school with a copy. This book will present the scientific facts and some of the ways those facts can be interpreted while making it very clear that the search for answers to some of life’s biggest questions remains alive and well.

The goals of this book are to stimulate the students’ curiosity about the deepest layers of science and reality and to encourage them to use their natural creativity and innovation to expand their understanding of the amazing universe we live in and what it could all mean.

More on the innovative book project at Get involved with the innovative book project.

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