Friday, December 30, 2011

TradeMark Disclaimer

Trademark Disclaimers


Trademarks might be used incorrectly. Be careful. Please do not confuse two organizations using similar trademarks. 

One of the organizations may have accidentally used the same trademark as another organization.  In other words, two entities may be using the same or similar trademark. But each use of the trademark may be linked to different companies. 

Put Simply: Make sure the trademark you see used, is actually tied to the company you think it is connected to.  Two different companies might be using the same trademark.  You might in fact think you are dealing with say company “A” using a trademark, when in actuality the trademark is being used by company “B”.

Trademark Disclaimer Details

No Trademark Liability: Are you unclear about the trademark disclaimer?  If so, remember, it is very possible a trademark you see used actually is from a different company. Do not presume the use of a trademark means the trademark user owns rights to the trademark. An over simplified example: You buy a bottle of Coca Cola® in a foreign country.  You presume it is tied with the original Coca Cola Company in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  But the traditional Coca Cola trademark might be a knock off without license rights to make the beverage that might look and taste like the real thing.  Ask your trademark or patent attorney about this if needed.

Nothing about trademarks is warranted. This includes communications from any web site linking to this page.

No Implied Warranties. Information Probably Contains Errors. Kindly Use Common Sense. Carefully Read The Below.

Nothing On Sites Linking To This Page Are Warranted For Accuracy. Please see these warning links on creative and other beta matters:

Coming Up With Great Trademark Ideas

• Let your imaginative flow. Get in a creative mood..!
• Worrying about liability while brainstorming about clever trademarks is proven to often reduce people’s degrees of original thinking. Creative intelligence studies show worrying while brainstorming about trademark ideas such as electronic invention trademarks, actually may hurt creative thinking. But see warning links all the same.
• Best free site to inspire very bright creative minds www.MagicalGenius.Org. It’s for creative souls often too creative for a less than creative world. MagicalGenius.Org also explores adapting, and the Politics Of Innovation™.

TM Laws: Trademark laws vary by region and country. Hire an ethical trademark lawyer.


  1. Be very careful with trademarks.

  2. Trademarks with 'TM' and 'R" are different. 'TM' is not yet a government filed trademark. 'R' is.

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