Sunday, December 2, 2012

Services Available From Innovation Institute LLC


Green Life Style Invention Customizer Service
Innovative Green Life Style Services Help Your Green Electronics Company

Unique Invention Development Tools Include:

Business Tools. Matrix Tools ™:
• Boosts employee creative output. Helps bored employees transcend creative block.
• Competitor Prediction Tools: Input your environmental business competitor’s invention traits, and see how the Matrix shows their energy efficient invention line up could look like.
• Global Warming: Redesign products to reduce energy consumption by changing how clients interact with your environmental business technology.
• Matrix Predictor ™: See today’s green technology potential technologies.

Guides. Matrix Guide™ and Matrix Training ™:
• Creative Intelligence Enhancer ™: The functions boost people’s creativity and intelligence. Helps beyond environmental business electronics.
• Improve Your Invention ™: Input your invention’s environmental business traits and see the variations available. Non-obvious output may not be patentable.
• Invention Development Game ™: Learn while playing games. Sample energy efficient educational games: Creating inventions scores points. Improve non energy efficient infringement skills. Earn points when game moves match creativity and intelligence behavior patterns. Green Electronics SweetSpot Training ™. Matrix Sand Box™.

Testing. Matrix Tests ™:
• Adaptivity Test ™: Become more flexible by “playing outside the energy efficient sand box”.
• Behavior Analyzer ™: Recognizes and analyzes environmental business test taker moves.
• Ethics Test: Scores degree users’ environmental business ideas infringe other’s energy efficient inventions.
• Invention Creativity Test ™: How many global warming reduction products can you generate within a set time limit?
• Recruiting & Hiring: energy efficient engineers and environmental business patent lawyers.
• SweetSpot Test ™: Score for ability to compromise and integrate multiple energy efficient electronic functions.

All rights reserved. “Matrix” and the other service names herein using the term “Matrix” are both trademarks and service marks.

Place Your Order:
• Green Life Style Product Orders: Customized energy efficient invention prototypes available in hardware and software. Customized global warming reduction product versions often can be sold as smart phone apps. Normally 50% deposit.
• Green Life Style Matrix Services (SM): Green technology service prices start at US$500. Green Electronics Matrix Services (SM) in California offers services worldwide. Accept MasterCard and Visa.
• For more energy efficient details call Innovation Institute, LLC (+1) 707 428-5000 GMT-8. Green Life Style InventionCustomizer.Com. Ask how the Green Life Style Invention Customizer ™ tools can help your company. Free for designated charities and global warming reduction institutes.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Back Pain Innovation Institute On Doctor William O'Connor

The Back Pain Innovation Institute TM Covers The Famous Northern California Doctor Who Invented Back Pain Solutions

Doctor William O'Connor published a book to fix chronic back pain and is available on Amazon. It's sold out but used copies are available for about US$50.

More On Back Pain Innovation Institute On Doctor William O'Connor
Solano Business News:

Back Pain Innovations

Also google Doctor William O'Connor

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Economic Effect From Poor Search Tools. Easier Ways To Search Patents Needed.

The World Economic Effect From Inefficient Or Costly Online Search Tools Is Huge. For Example, We Need Easier Ways To Search Patent Databases.

Currently, the best known patent search tool might be the Derwent World Patent Index from West Law.     Most inventors are limited to inefficient search tools that are freely offered from sites sponsored the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO, the European and US patent offices, etc.  But their interfaces are hard to use.

Patent abstracts are often worded in convoluted ways making them harder to read. Searching through thousands of convoluted patent abstracts is largely solved by Derwent.  Luckily Derwent World Patent Index from West Law has nicely created new abstracts written in easier to understand terms.

Learn more about free patent search tools if you can't afford Derwent World Patent Index DWPI from West Law.  Visit and begin learning about electronic patent rights and other intellectual property matters as well.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Great Links On Political Innovation

Interesting links on political innovation:

Top 30 most innovation friendly countries

Designing Environment Policy

Does China have a friendly side to innovation? Unlike western skeptical stereotypes of China, the country continues to profit from innovative business practices. Yes they practice censorship yet here's another view. China to attract overseas Chinese with more innovation-friendly approach

The innovation friendly organization

Government Needs To Embrace Innovation

Fear Of Change.

The current issue from the Economist.Com describes how some insulated local government agencies fear to embrace creative solutions to our economic problems.

Great links on the process of change in a less than creative environment

Here are more great links that help shed light on the process of innovation in business and government.

The Economist magazine is also an excellent resource. They key point is working together.

Join "Politics Of Innovation Group" Online Forum With Innovation Institute, LLC
Politics of Innovation group was started by Steve C Kays who earlier conceived 1987’s best seller “Closing of the American Mind”. It's all about not scaring government officials.  But if the officials refuse to budge despite the needed evidence for change, consider giving them time to adjust.  Failing that, then other measures need to be adopted.

Local cities should look to innovative thinkers such as Merkel who leads Germany, along with Thatcher, Obama and many others. Though no leader is perfect, some simply cannot embrace innovation regardless of the losses coming from what has shown not to work.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Infringement Disclaimers

Infringement Disclaimers
Intellectual Property Infringement Warnings


Statements on any infringement are opinions.

Is someone stealing another’s invention?  Statements about invention infringement may be incorrect. Expect errors. Don’t necessarily take any statements about infringement as fact.

Please be careful when reading statements saying or suggesting that there is an infringement. It is not always easy to clarify if someone is or is not stealing an invention.  Perhaps only a small improvement to a product was illegally copied from an earlier inventor. 

Maybe there was no infringement at all.  An alleged infringer might actually look like they copied an inventor’s patent application. But the earlier patent application might not have properly or fully disclosed the alleged invention concept.  That is, an earlier filed patent application cannot support arguments for infringement unless the earlier patent application describes a product later made by a copycat.

Ways to determine if there might be infringement:
• Compare the earlier and later patent applications. How to compare the alleged first inventor’s patent filing with later patent filings from possible infringers.
• Find an honest patent attorney, as there are intellectual property matters to consider in determining any infringement.
• The “Claims” section of a patent application: The “claims” describes in one condensed sentence what is unique about a patent application.  Claims are what the inventor claims is their unique idea.  Just imagine some inventor invented the old tricycle concept - the tricycle patent application’s claim could be for the third wheel.  Look at the claims for the 3rd wheel versus the entire patent application, which includes known technology such as wheels, pedals and gears.
• Paid and free patent infringement tools are available.  While these intellectual property tools may not be designed specifically for determining infringement, they can help establish if someone invented something prior to a certain date.  The world's largest known patent application family with Innovation Institute, LLC is one such tool.  This currently free patent infringement tool enables key word search by proximity, along with use of the Matrix.

Other Important Intellectual Property Disclaimers:
• Patent Fraud: An issued patent can be invalidated.  Causes of patent invalidation include patent applicants fraudulently failing to list earlier inventions the later patent applicant may have lifted (stolen) without giving proper credit. Claiming to be an inventor when one is actually just a copycat can have serious financial risks including triple damages.
• Intellectual property laws differ by region and country. However international organizations such as WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) and the Paris Convention are trying to harmonize intellectual property laws between countries.
• Business laws differ by city, state or province, and country.
• No Advice Being Given: Sites with authorized links to this site are not giving legal, business, engineering, intellectual property (IP) or any other advice. They are brainstorming about possible innovations, etc.

Brainstorming Beta Ideas – Don’t Confuse “Beta Content” With “Fact”:
• Brainstorming Has Errors: Authorized sites linking here brainstorm (see www.BrainstormRights.Com) about innovation, inventions, business and more. Brainstorming is about opening doors to innovative options, and perhaps not quality control and perfect fact checking.
• Nothing Verified: Do not presume statements on web postings and via other communications are verified. Material is beta content (see www.BetaContent.Com). Focus is on establishing open discussions without being held responsible for errors.
Innovation Institute studies in the US, Europe, Latin America and Asia since 1984 establish that excessive worrying about errors reduces creative thinking.
• Readers MUST verify any information before they presume it as fact.  As possible infringement is very complicated it is very possible the reader will get incorrect information.

Find Honest Patent Lawyers:
Beware of tricky patent attorneys working to charge hourly fees.  Get multiple opinions. Also get free patent advice from government agencies at even if you believe your honest patent lawyer to possess impeccable ethics, and practice law from the highest bar. Even honest patent attorneys make errors and might be unduly influenced by seeking to find ways to charge high patent legal fees versus setting out of court. Ask how dishonest patent lawyers profit by suggesting that another inventor invented something first?  Tricky lawyers may be tricking you into believing you have a chance to win a law suite but it might only be 3% and at what cost?

Provisional Patent Rights:
Infringement upon patent pending inventions can be called “Provisional Patent Infringement” Don’t confuse “provisional patent rights” with “provisional patent application” though. Provisional patent rights can also be called: possible patent rights, prospective patent rights, patent pending rights, etc.

Never Say Someone Is Infringing: Innovation Institute suggests to be safer that one state another's property is "perspectively infringing" at best.

Innovation Institute ™ is a trademark, service mark and business entity name. Innovation Institute was spun off from Japan America Institute ™. JAI was based in Chicago, Illinoi’s Hyde Park near University of Chicago and on the Sears Tower’s 71st Floor; and originated in Roppongi 2-chome, 1-38, Tokyo, Japan. Multiple entities use the Innovation Institute name established in 1984.

Study free links about electronic patent rights


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Issues When Seeking Copyright Free Images

Unexpected Issues Copyright Free Image Databases May Come With.  

Web promotors often entice visitors with copyright free pictures. But in reality there's switch and bait marketing of free pictures, or other obstacles.  Here is a list of concerns that may elucidate the tricks of the trade in offering "free" non copyright restricted pictures:
• Animated pix database with limited real life images
• Few if any real people pix
• Annual renewal fees to access the copyright free database (but this is doable)
• Bad reviews about the seller
• Credit had to be given to the creator (completely legit from the artists perspective but awkward to add credits when pix used in documents, twitter, etc.
• Databases offering copyright free images usually mixed them with paid pix.  You have to thumb thru paid and free pictures wasting time.  The best pictures were not copyright free.

There are other issues as well.  Check with a copyright attorney.  Read the fine print on how the purportedly free pictures in reality come with different types of copyright restrictions. Nothing is warranted www.NothingWarranted.Net. Best to maybe buy a large free images database.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Price Waterhouse Coopers & Innovation Institute ™ On Venture Capital

To the surprise of many, venture capital is actually down after 2012's first quarter. Price Waterhouse Coopers says something like 750+ companies received about US$5.75 billion. This is about a 10 to 12 percent drop from 2011's first quarter.

Innovative California companies got over $3 billion in VC.

Meanwhile innovations in life sciences and green clean technology sectors experienced drops in VC.

Innovation Institute ™ predictions are that Price Waterhouse Coopers will come out with increases in venture capital funding for green tech especially with the Fukushima nuclear safety disasters. Price Waterhouse Coopers may find that Nuclear Safety Innovation Institute ™ inventions are not enough to curb the dangers of nuclear energy.  Innovation Institute advices investors to put more VC into green technology for long term rewards.

Innovation Institute predicts Splunk ™ "might" also be a big winner. Wall Street Journal said, "Splunk set out to build a Google for machine data—essentially a search engine for all the data that servers, network switches and any device such as smartphones with a processor spits out when those devices are in use."

More cutting edge news, plus Innovation Institute predictions and news at and

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Why Less Techie Polaroid Instant will sell in today’s market

In the age of the digital revolution, it seems as though there would be little reason to buy an analog product. However, when Polaroid announced in 2008 that it would discontinue production of instant film, public outrage ensued. “How could they stop production of such a cherished and beloved product? Why!?”

The announcement led to the development of the Impossible Project, a group of individuals dedicated to the survival of instant film. With the support of millions of instant film enthusiasts and a few experts the Impossible Project salvaged the last Polaroid production plant and developed new instant film for existing Polaroid 600 cameras – rescuing 300,000,000 original Polaroid cameras from becoming obsolete.

Due to apparent high demand for instant film, Polaroid released the new Instant 300 camera. This camera is a specialty item that appeals to artists, designers, and photographers; for artistic purposes to achieve effects that are impossible to accomplish with traditional photography, and also in settings where it is undesirable to have to wait for a roll of conventional film to be finished and processed, such as photographing outfits prior to photoshoots or runway shows. Some photographers use instant film for test shots, to see how a subject or setup looks before using conventional film for the final exposure. 

Beyond its functionality, the Polaroid is a cultural icon that was immortalized by artists including Andy Warhol and will continue to steal the hearts of generations to come.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Greater Bay Area's Most Cost Effective Technology Innovation Hub?

What Is The San Francisco Bay Area's Most Cost Effective Technology Innovation Hub?

Central Solano County’s Innovation Hub Is Growing. Move In Condition Houses Can Be Bought For $80K. Lower Taxes. 45 Min From Downtown San Francisco.

The exact midpoint between San Francisco and Sacramento is the growing technology hub in the city of Fairfield.  It’s centered on Fairfield’s West Texas Street near intersecting highways I-80 and highway 12.

The Fairfield Innovation Hub drives the economy and creates jobs.  Inventions from the Fairfield Innovation Hub can be found in all corners of the world. Just google Innovation Institute to discover hundreds of interesting inventions.

Fairfield Innovation Hub Includes The Solano Business Incubator.
The SBI™ Fairfield Incubator Houses Organizations Such As: Invention Springboard™, Barnes Designs™, Fix Fairfield™, Solano Venture Capital™, AIM and Solano Virtual Office™.

County of Solano Economic Development:
No Fairfield City office space capital outlay is required. No long-term Fairfield City office space rental commitments. This reduces the County of Solano entrepreneur’s risks. Fairfield City creative technology startups enjoy less expensive technology hub office suites overhead.

New Fairfield City Jobs:
Fairfield City creative technology startups create County of Solano jobs. Technology hub’s S.B.I. helps Fairfield City creative technology startups conquer new challenges. S.B.I. stimulates County of Solano’s economy by incubating County of Solano’s future employers.

How Does Fairfield’s Business Incubator Help Fairfield Start Ups?

S.B.I. Donates Conference Rooms To County of Solano Charities:
Technology hub’s S.B.I. offers free Solano conference rooms and other help to County of Solano non profits serving Dixon, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun, Vallejo...

Zero Rent Deposit. Free 1st Month Rent. No Credit Check:
The best way to start a business in County of Solano? Creative technology startups pay the first month’s Fairfield City rent on the second month. The Technology hub’s S.B.I. requires no technology hub office suites deposits or Fairfield City move in fees.  No Fairfield City tel and AT&T internet installation fees. Technology hub’s S.B.I. is County of Solano’s less expensive organization is famous for Fairfield City’s no hidden fees for creative technology startups policy.

Best Known County of Solano Copier Prices:
Technology hub’s S.B.I. serves Dixon, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun City, Vacaville and Vallejo.  Napa County is 7 minutes from County of Solano Copy Center. Fairfield City businesses must have a County of Solano services plan.

Optional County of Solano Services County of Solano:
Personalized Fairfield City Receptionist
County of Solano Phone Answering & Voicemail
County of Solano Mail Facility
4¢ Copies: Less expensive copying 4 cents. Color 24¢. Technology hub’s S.B.I.’s County of Solano Copy Center™
High Speed County of Solano Internet
Fax 60 cents
County of Solano Notary Service
Start-Up Consulting
Website Help County of Solano Technology hub’s S.B.I.
Real Fairfield City Street Address. No Fairfield City PO Boxes.

Live County of Solano Tel Answering Service:
Fairfield City creative technology startups control incoming calls. Technology hub’s S.B.I. patches calls to your cell or home in Dixon, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun, Vacaville and Vallejo, plus nearby Napa and Yolo Counties.

County of Solano Conference Rooms Used By For Profits:
Instead of meeting at some County of Solano coffee shop,  meet County of Solano clients in an impressive Fairfield conference room. Do you need a Fairfield office space occasionally or everyday? Considering working from your Fairfield City home? The Fairfield Virtual Office offers the cost effective competitive edge.

Technology hub’s S.B.I. Beats Fairfield City Coffee Shops:
Creative technology startups skip Fairfield City coffee shops and instead impress County of Solano clients thru Technology hub’s S.B.I..

Shoe String Fairfield City Start Up Budgets: Fairfield City start ups save costs by working from home and using Solano Virtual Office. The virtual office is the cost effect alternative to renting full time Fairfield City office suites. Instead www.SolanoVirtualOffice.Com costs seventy five dollars/mo.

Free Fairfield City Business Classes:
• Free County of Solano Workshops. Seminars Are Hosted By:
Innovation Institute, Solano Business Incubator & Fairfield City Tax Accountants.

Types Of Free Business Classes For The North Bay & East Bay:
• Learn about: starting your Fairfield City business; accounting practices; promoting your Fairfield City business locally or throughout California, the US and the world.
• Creativity Seminars: Classes on how to increase your creativity. Learn how to springboard your Fairfield City electronic invention.
• Ethics in government & business: Politics of innovation. Ethics in business. More..!

Fairfield’s West Texas Street is the gateway to the downtown and modern county capital building. Technology hub’s S.B.I. is part of Solano Business Incubator at www.NearI80.Com near intersecting highways 80, 12 and 680 in Fairfield, California 94533.

There’s talk about renaming Fairfield’s West Texas Street sign on highway I-80 to Innovation Avenue.