Sunday, January 31, 2021

“Codes of Intelligence” New Book. For People Who Might Be Too Intelligent For Others To Understand

Interesting Look Into High Intelligence. Being Too Intelligent?

Quotes from the book “Codes of Intelligence”

"The advantage of being smart is that it makes it easier to be stupid. The contrary is much more difficult". 


“An immense emptiness full of curiosity, questions without answers are being generated from now on, to discover how far our lives in society go.”


“The codes of intelligence, present in man and society, are like two tools for the success of both.”

“Why to continue living in a society that rejects us? Or that we are rejecting ourselves? May we live without society, as many say that some people live on the margins of society? Is that true? 


“We are living in times as if intelligence had never existed. In fact, we do not refer to the multiple intelligence that many authors have already dealt with, such as emotional intelligence, spatial intelligence, musical intelligence, mathematical intelligence, natural intelligence, body intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, linguistic intelligence…..On the contrary, we see intelligence from a systematic perspective….acting with no margin of error.”


How does one come to terms with the world, if their type of intelligence differs widely from others? To not be elitist, and instead find common ground with others. Yet how does the genius with too much intelligence not "dumb themselves down"?

By psychologist, “Pierre Dasney”


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