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Top Patent Pool Links

Top New Patent Pool Links
For Sophisticated Patent Readers

Companies share each other's patents through patent pools. Such patent groupings protect companies from infringing upon patent rights from inventors outside the patent pool.

Introduction To Patent Pools:
Paper on patent pools. Statistics from Dr. Tim Pohlmann
Berlin Institute of Technology Chair of Innovation Economics

Best Patent Pool Article For Newbies:
Good article on patent pool organizations. There are too few patent pool organizations.  Most technology pools focus on specific fields of technology:

Patent Pool Directory: World's Big Patent Pool Resources
• Allied Security Trust AST
• RPX Corporation works to protect members from frivolous patent law suites and patent infringement 
• Micro Patent Pools: Example from Unified Patents
• License It Today TM works with Innovation Institute, LLC and the world's largest known patent applications. Invention Customizer TM might be the world's least obfuscated and biggest patent pool resource all in one place. Access to this patent pool resource includes www.InventionCustomizer.Com.

• Small specialized patent pool example: MPEG LA, LLC. It's an intellectual property firm based in Colorado USA. MPEG LA, LLC licenses technology covering essential patents for use with MPEG and related technology. This includes:
MPEG-2 and MPEG-4, plus IEEE 1394, and VC-1MPEG-2 Systems and AVC/H.264 along with ATSC, and perhaps MVC technology. More on MPEG LA
Standard setting organizations join together, vet proposals for a new or modified form of electronic or other technology

Other Patent Firms:
• International Patent Evaluation Consortium:
Comprising a legal grouping of some 20 patent  law firms. They can provide patent essentiality evaluation services against major international technical standards.
• Intellectual Ventures buys patents and is one of the largest, or largest patent holding companies.  Size of patent holdings depends on many factors.  Inventors often turn to Intellectual Ventures when dealing with unethical infringers. Intellectual Ventures (I.V.) might buy the infringed upon patent, then offer to license the technology. As intellectual property gets more advanced, the definition of patent pool is also widening. Some say I.V. could also be a patent pool. Companies hoping to avoid paying royalties on copied inventions have other views on I.V.

Pools Helping Or Hurting Innovation: Living in a less than perfect world. Patent Pools can be a great way to collaborate and reduce patent infringement risks. Yet there are its detractors.
• Do patent pools hurt innovation?
• Dark side of patent pools

Using Intellectual Property Leverage For A Better World:
• Free patents for ethical organizations Organized with Innovation Institute, LLC

Starting Patent Pools: Forming new patent pools
• Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers : Electrical and Electronics Engineers launched a Patent Pool Exploratory Forum.
• Mobile companies starting patent pool: bile-companies-agree-to-pool-lte-patents-apple-abstains

Patent Pool With Innovation Institute:
• To Join Innovation Institute's Patent Pool Call +1 707 428-5000. Free help for non profits and good causes.
• Sample patent pool tools include www.InventionCustomizer.Com The technical link exemplifies windows into the world’s largest know patent application available for friendly patent pools. Select inventions with priority dates in 2006.

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  2. Patent Pools Are The Way To Make Things Happen. Throw in free patent rights to new and existing members to make things smoother. Keep out the creeps from joining the pool if at all possible.