Sunday, December 2, 2012

Services Available From Innovation Institute LLC


Green Life Style Invention Customizer Service
Innovative Green Life Style Services Help Your Green Electronics Company

Unique Invention Development Tools Include:

Business Tools. Matrix Tools ™:
• Boosts employee creative output. Helps bored employees transcend creative block.
• Competitor Prediction Tools: Input your environmental business competitor’s invention traits, and see how the Matrix shows their energy efficient invention line up could look like.
• Global Warming: Redesign products to reduce energy consumption by changing how clients interact with your environmental business technology.
• Matrix Predictor ™: See today’s green technology potential technologies.

Guides. Matrix Guide™ and Matrix Training ™:
• Creative Intelligence Enhancer ™: The functions boost people’s creativity and intelligence. Helps beyond environmental business electronics.
• Improve Your Invention ™: Input your invention’s environmental business traits and see the variations available. Non-obvious output may not be patentable.
• Invention Development Game ™: Learn while playing games. Sample energy efficient educational games: Creating inventions scores points. Improve non energy efficient infringement skills. Earn points when game moves match creativity and intelligence behavior patterns. Green Electronics SweetSpot Training ™. Matrix Sand Box™.

Testing. Matrix Tests ™:
• Adaptivity Test ™: Become more flexible by “playing outside the energy efficient sand box”.
• Behavior Analyzer ™: Recognizes and analyzes environmental business test taker moves.
• Ethics Test: Scores degree users’ environmental business ideas infringe other’s energy efficient inventions.
• Invention Creativity Test ™: How many global warming reduction products can you generate within a set time limit?
• Recruiting & Hiring: energy efficient engineers and environmental business patent lawyers.
• SweetSpot Test ™: Score for ability to compromise and integrate multiple energy efficient electronic functions.

All rights reserved. “Matrix” and the other service names herein using the term “Matrix” are both trademarks and service marks.

Place Your Order:
• Green Life Style Product Orders: Customized energy efficient invention prototypes available in hardware and software. Customized global warming reduction product versions often can be sold as smart phone apps. Normally 50% deposit.
• Green Life Style Matrix Services (SM): Green technology service prices start at US$500. Green Electronics Matrix Services (SM) in California offers services worldwide. Accept MasterCard and Visa.
• For more energy efficient details call Innovation Institute, LLC (+1) 707 428-5000 GMT-8. Green Life Style InventionCustomizer.Com. Ask how the Green Life Style Invention Customizer ™ tools can help your company. Free for designated charities and global warming reduction institutes.