Saturday, August 17, 2013

Best Aquarium Invention

Best Aquarium Invention's Benefits:
• Lower maintenance: Saves time and money
• Saves energy
• Reduces pollution & need for carcinogenic aquarium supplies
• Happiness from a thriving aquarium eco system.
• Emotional satisfaction from a thriving, eco friendly aquarium invention!

Setting Up Your Tank's Smart Eco System

Fish • Plants • Mechanisms • Energy Savings • Low Maintenance

Select hardy tropical fish that get along. Pick plants that are easy to grow and which use fish pollutants as fertilizer. Minimize fish eating the plants with complementary fish and plants. Then realize the many benefits from the innovative fish tank system.

Better Fish

Neon Tetras: Neon tetras are easier to care for than cardinal tetras, though cardinals tolerate hard water better. 
• Detals: Max. size: 0.85 inches (2.2 cm). pH range: 5.0 – 7.0. Water Hardness dH: 1 - 2
Temperature: 68 - 80°F (20 – 26°C) Care Details
• Other Tetras Options: Red Cardinal Tetras and Black Tetra schools in the same tank can look cool. A great visual effect  But cardinals require more maintenance as they  are less adaptive to poor water quality.

Cute Zebra Danios: There is a uniqueness of appearance within the species. Pattern differences between two danios of the same species makes it easier to differentiate one danio from another. Danios often swim in the upper parts of the tank. Tetras are passive and get along well with danios. However danios may dart and get nippy, though they are usually relaxed.
• Zebra Danios and Neon Tetras are affordable and broadly available.
• Details: Size: 1.6 inches (4 cm). 3.5 years. Rapid breeders. Light: 14 hours light and 10 hours dark. Temp: 65-77 F (25 to 30 Celcius for breeding). pH:.5-7.0. Ideal Water Hardness: 7 - 12 dH. Lifespan: 2-4 years.
• Other Danio Options: Leopard Fish are the same specie except for minor color variations and pool with zebra danios. Free Zebra Danio Care Book in PDF

Best Algae Eating Freshwater Fish:

Algae eating freshwater fish tend to eat certain types of algae.
• Plecos can grow to 3.5 or 5 inches. Traditional plecos can outgrow most aquariums as they exceed one feet.
• Otocinclus (also called the Oto catfish or Dwarf Pleco) gets to 2 inches. It's size is closer other small fish in this innovative eco system. Otocinclus might be more sensitive. Easily die after transporting to new tanks. Buy ones with fat bellies and those that have acclimated in the fish store for at least 3 weeks helps. Bellies will shrink and the fish will starve if there's not enough non black algae, unless fed microwaved zucchini or cucumber.Normally won't eat plants. 
Otos are schooling fish and should be kept in groups of three or more. Otocinclus vittatus and Macrotocinclus affinis may keep all soft film algae off glass, plant leaves and decorations. As otis often are wild-caught they can arrive with internal worms. 68-79 degrees Fahrenheit
• Siamese Algae Eater: 
Eats a wider variety of algae. They can reach 14cm, and get aggressive with their own species. Siamese Algae Eater may jump out of the tank. (also known as Crossocheilus Siamensis or SAE). 24–26°C, water hardness of 5-20 dH. Might live for 10 years.
• Chinese Algae Eater - Gyrinocheilus aymonieri: Caution.
Perhaps hardier than Otochinclus and miniature plecos. Sometimes confused with Siamese Algae Eaters
Temperament: Semi-aggressive. Good algae eater while young. Prefers fish food when older.Don't place with Tetra eco system as the tetra may get eaten.
Moderately hardy. Temperature: 77.0 to 82.0° F (25.0 to 28° C). Stops eating algae at 69° F). Ph: 6.0-8.0.  Hardness Range: 5 - 19 dGH
• Other fish which may eat less algae: Barbs, mollies, guppies, etc. Also snails and shrimp.
• Algae eating fish links:

Fun Cory Fish - Optional: 

Friendly and sociable. Enjoy small schools of at least a few cories. Mostly bottom feeders, so offer sinking pellets. A common cory variety for a beginner the Peppered Cory. Leopard Cory, Skunk Cory, Bronze Cory, Bandit Cory, and Spotted Cory. Since they swim, burrow and feed on the bottom of the tank,

Tetras & Danios Better Fit Eco System Than Goldfish Or Guppies 
• Goldfish & Koi: Friendly and easy to care like guppies, but this carp family fish creates too much water pollution for their size. Eats aquatic plants but maybe not the suggested ivy plants.
• Guppies: Yes the less fancy varieties are easy to raise. Also very inexpensive. However guppies might be more prone to overpopulating your tank. High population means more waste product, requiring more water changes.

Aquatic Plants Matching Selected Fish:
Good beginner plants for fresh water aquariums:
• Strictly Aquatic Plant List: Vallisneria,
Anubias (easy to grow but grow slowly and does attract algae on its leaves),
 Java fern,
 Java Moss.  Larger fish find aubias are harder to eat.
• Compatible Fish: Small species may eat fewer plants. Plant compatible species include: Tetras, Danios, Platies and Guppies. These bottom feeders may also adapt to your tank eco system: Catfish and Corydoras. Expect some nibbling but perhaps more desirable eating of algae growing on the leaves.

Unique Plant Eco System

Household Plants Grown From Cuttings Suck Water Toxins: Cheaper than many aquarium plants. These easily available house plants are often sold in stores world wide. Fast growing.
• Split Leaf Philodendron: Luscious green leaves require less water and grow above the tank.  OK for fish but not cats?  Toxic if leaves eaten by cats etc but harmful to small fish?). Googled this search strategy and found nothing: "Split Leaf Philodendron" toxic "fish tank" -cats -dogs (tetras OR danios OR cory)
• Golden Pothos Ivy: Fast growing. Medium light ok. Some of leaves remain underwater. Golden pothos grow downward, while split leaf philodendron grow upwards over tank.
Non Toxic: Zero google results on toxicity when searching: "golden pothos ivy" toxic "fish tank" -cats -dogs fish
Pictures and Easy Golden Pothos Ivy Growing Guide
• Plant cutting's leaves will adapt by growing towards natural and indoor light sources.

Eco System Mechanics

Tank Logistics
• Filter: Canister filter for 75 gallons cleans better than a 50 gallon filter. 
• Hard Water Softening:  Water run through charcoal filter helps reduce (but not eliminate) water chemicals. Software pillow placed into tank helps somewhat (too much work putting into filter canister).
• Substances: Water treatment. Aquarium salt (more harms plants) 1 teaspoon. Beneficial bacteria.
• Temp: 75 degrees?
• Lights: T8 for plants. Hours based on wattage.
• Fish colors stand out from dark background
• Invention Saves Energy: Black gravel. Dark background behind aquarium. Use dark blanket which saves heating energy via insulation qualities. Carpet placed below tank reduces vibrations that can scare fish and helps insulate heated water a bit.

Ways DIY Invention Saves Energy & Water:
• Insulating even one side saves energy
• Global warming efforts could be tracked if 10% of the world's aquariums switched to this unique system.
• Tank heater heats homes on air conditioning. So an external insulating the back tank reduces heat transfers. 
• For those that completely air out their house of toxins in cooler months: This may cool the tank a little until the house gets reheated. 
• Summer Night Cooling: Do you use natural summer cooling by opening your windows at night? This though bumps up your tank's energy bill. 
• With fewer fish deaths, it even saves gas to pet shops for fish replacements. 
• Saves water: Less frequent water changes needed. Less need to flush down expired fish.

Free Aquarium Invention Rights 
Legal Stuff: You are encouraged to help protect the environment even a little bit by telling others about this fun aquarium invention. Most people can set up this inventive aquarium project. Patentability  on overall invention's benefits not warranted. Integrating the smart functions into one eco tank system makes this great. More free patent rights on electronic inventions such as the pet door relying of pet psychology to clean paws. Free patented pet inventions to reduce germs too. The best known innovative fish aquarium invention concept still requires professional fish care advice. Google for fish set up and maintenance instructions. Enjoy!

Best Fish Tank Set Up Invention Known? 
Who can beat this low maintenance & lower cost aquarium invention concept? Publicly share and give away improvements with our blog. 
Follow this free blog. Innovation Instituteis on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. 707 428-5000 San Francisco Bay Area, California

Sample 50 Gallon Set Up
Bigger tank eco systems are more likely to thrive. Big tanks are better at handling issues that might throw the eco system off balance.
• More plants help clean the water, which in tern allows more fish. Still cap fish population to 50% to reduce pressure on your water eco system. More is not necessarily better. 
• Max population rule of thumb is too simplistic: Standard formula says 1" of fish per gallon water. The intelligent fish population rule should be total fish weight to water volume. Realize some 10 inch fish might weigh the same as a 100 inch line of 100 neon tetras. Both sets might produce the same water pollution. A more adaptive fish population rule is needed.
• Disclaimer: This entire blog's content comprises opinions which are not warranted for accuracy.

Best Fish Specie List:
• Neon Tetras: 25 fish
• Black Neon Tetras: 10 fish
• Zebra Danios: 5 fish
• Pepper Cory's: 3 fish
• Other friendly playful fish?
• Algae Eaters: Otocinclus grows to 2". Or perhaps Bristle Nose Plecostomus which grow to 6”. Checking out which might pollute less based on weight to pollution rates. Bigger pleco's might eat more plants?
Apple snails are less adaptive to water toxicity.


• Lower Maintenance: Saves time, money and stress.
• Easier To Grow Plants. Plants help clean indoor air and create pleasant environment. Growth adapts to the water pollution level, the more water waste, the more plant food fertilizer.
• Cleaner water curtails algae, which means carcinogenic anti algae chemicals might be avoided. Fewer chemicals needed to fix tank water toxicity problems. • Less pollution flushed into environment. 
• Saves energy & buying fish replacements.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Guaranteed Job Training. Or Pay Nothing.

Guaranteed Job Placement Or Training Is Free
Only Pay After You Get A Job

100% Guaranteed Solano County Training Programs:
• Invention Business
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• More

Require either high school or college to apply. Requirements depend on the level of skills you wish to learn.

Guaranteed Solano Job Training Programs

Invention Business:
Learn how to market and license inventions.  Learn about patent rights. Check out the Solano Innovation Institute blog at www.Innovation-Institute.Net  Fast growing business industry. We develop thousands of interesting inventions some of which are listed at and

Property Management:
Real estate property management training: Learn to manage Solano County real estate rentals.  Handle both residential and commercial real estate property management skills. Possible Solano residential property management in Fairfield, Suisun City and Vacaville.

Office skill training: Learn to help manage the front desk for companies.  Handle busy phones and greet many visitors.  Learn other related skills that can be used between incoming calls and visitors.  Other skills to be learned include: administrative duties that can be done from your desk, and promoting your employer on places such as FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Etc.

Web Marketing:
Social network training: Learn to market services or products on the web.  You do not need to be a web designer.  We teach social networking skills and focus less on how to build web sites. And you will learn the easy short cuts for making web sites for your future employer or customers.

Non Profits:
Learn to promote non profits and other good worthy causes.  Training is primarily social networking via social media sites.

Tracking & Catching Counterfeiters:
Learn to catch companies that steal other’s invention ideas. Inventors and companies loose billions of dollars to such theft.  Patents are intellectual property. Stealing of other’s intellectual property is punishable with huge fines and possible prison sentences. Learn the investigation skills of an intellectual property cop.

Green Technology To Reduce Global Warming:
Work on promoting inventions to reduce global warming.

Learn basic office skills. Become more proficient with office skills for today’s job market. High school diploma needed.

Customized On The Job Training:
• Get real work experience. Work normal business hours.  Mon – Fri 10AM to 5PM with one hour of lunch. The real work environment experience can make you more employable.
• Free training material. No books to pay for. Practice what you read and learned in the real business world.
• Training is partly tailored to your interests and skills. Better than “one size fits all” schooling. Work at an office desk versus sitting in a school chair.
• Location: 1652 West Texas Street, Fairfield, California 94533 (middle of 2nd floor). Call or drop by 707 434-8000

Job Training Certificates:
• Basic: 5 mo
• Intermediate: 3 mo
• Advanced: 3 mo

Free Solano Job Placement Assistance:
Solano Innovation Institute will help you find a job.  We are connected with many Fairfield employers. You’ll get the opportunity to meet the Fairfield employers every day during your training. You can build a relationship with the employers.

Application Requirements:
• Minimum of a high school degree or GRE equivalent.
• Basic computer skills. Windows or Apple.
• Good written and verbal skills
• Pass background check for your ethics
• Professional manner and appearance
• Eager to learn

Job Placement Guarantee Details:
• Guarantee: Tuition is free unless you get a job. That is you only pay tuition if you late get a job. We don’t force you into getting a government student loan that you might not be able to pay back. We can’t promise you success but we promise you won’t have to pay unless you get a job.
• Free Tuition if you don’t find a job: Only pay 18% of your salary after finishing school.  Part time jobs during school don’t count towards tuition. Only pay 18% for the first two years after completing your training. Those months in which you don’t have a job require zero payment for your tuition. Tuition is the same percentage regardless of how high up you go.  The more certificates you get the more employable you might become. We want you to get a job.
• You are free to apply for any job. If you don’t get a job you simply show us evidence that you have not worked like documents you submitted to the government for seeking unemployment compensation or other benefits. No gimmicks.
• We aim to be the best! Let us know if this isn’t Solano County’s best job placement guarantee!

Why Get Stuck With Student Gov Loans You Can’t Pay Back?
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Job Training Certificates
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Call Or Drop By – No Appointment Required:
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Preston Blake, Solano Innovation Institute 707 428-5000