Monday, February 28, 2011

Innovative Television Rating Systems Becoming Adaptive

Adaptive Television Rating Systems Offer Better Alternatives.

Obama is exploring innovative television rating systems.

The world's largest patent applications in this field have been filed since 2006. The technology behind this is related to the technology Pandora.Com is using for the Pandora adaptive online radio station. Question is if Innovation Institute, LLC first invented lots of this technology, or if did?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Better Electronic Inventions From 2010

Some Of Best Electronic Inventions From 2010 Per

Smart Phone App Detects Cancer Today & Tomorrow

Smart Phone App Detects Cancer Today. Tomorrow's Innovations Will Greatly Improve.

Tomorrow's Smart Phone App Detecting Cancer: Adaptive Content Analyzer™ can track changes in the patient’s medical symptoms, and Predict™ the chances of a patient having cancer. Adaptive Content Analyzer™ can track and analyze a large swath of information.  For example the Behavior Analyzer™ can track changes in a user’s life style like diet or exercise, mood, other medical symptoms, drugs taken.  It even can correlate with behavioral patterns from other cancer patients, one’s ancestors, and much more. Adaptive Content Analyzer™, Behavior Analyzer™ and related medical diagnostic equipment were invented by Innovation Institute, LLC since the 1990’s in Europe, the US and Japan.

US Patent Office To Outlaw Tax Avoidance Strategies?

US Senate wants to outlaw patenting “any strategy for reducing, avoiding or deferring” federal, state or local taxes.

Might US patent application fees in some way be considered a "tax"?  If so patent pending strategies including Matrix Patent Rights TM from Innovation Institute, LLC might be effected. Matrix Patent Rights are designed to reduce the page count for the largest known patent applications in electronics like "Genius Adaptive Design". While this is unlikely, who knows what the US Senate will further innovate America's intellectual property laws?

As most people know, US patent application fees more than cover US Patent & Trademark Office costs, and are used to cover the US budget deficit.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Motion Based Musical Instruments - Biggest Invention Portfolios

Microsoft, Nintendo and many others are jumping onto the body motion based musical instrument band wagon.

The largest and broadest known body motion based invention portfolio using Body Motion Matrix TM and many other technologies were researched by Innovation Institute, LLC since the 1990's.  The main inventor's inventions were discussed with Sony when he grew up in Tokyo during the late 1970's (guess which invention he discussed while his father worked for the US Embassy?).

Friday, February 25, 2011

Mini Cooper converted into innovative game seat.

Turning a mini cooper into an innovative game seat.

More on Mini Cooper converted into innovative game seat

World IP Day - April 26th

The World Intellectual Property Day is coming up.

More on World IP Day - April 26th

Non compete related contracts get very emotional

Non compete Microsoft contracts get very emotional.
Microsoft won a restraining order  Microsoft stopped their Microsoft employee from working with competitor

More on Non compete Microsoft contract fight:

Google face search can use social network pictures. Genius Adaptive Design can improve technology.

Google Goggles is an interesting image recognition search that works with cell phones. Google Goggles lets you take a picture of anything, then you can google search for what it is.  A Google Goggles user might even lack needed key words.

More on how google face search can use social network pictures

Meanwhile Electronics Innovation Institute (div of Innovation Institute, LLC) is improving its Jan 2006 patent application for a more advanced Visual Analyzer TM invention in its draft published Genius Adaptive Design patent application

Genius Adaptive Design is the world's largest and most detailed patent application on Visual Analyzers known.  Genius Adaptive Design has thousands of novel uses for image analysis and processing. 

Genius Adaptive Design is looking forward to working with Google Goggles to further improve the technology that will help the general public.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Biggest patent app expected to revolutionize electronics IP industry

Biggest patent application will revolutionize intellectual property

Largest known patent applications on electronics are coming from Steven Kays raised in Japan, now living in the San Francisco Bay Area. The patent application’s Matrix™ interlinks aspects of the patent application.  The matrix exponentially makes this patent application possibly over 1,000,000 pages long.  Examples of inventions that spun from Genius Adaptive Design PCT/US2006/048704. Ignore fact that the current published format for the draft is not conventional. 

Examples for its inventions are also at Invention Springboard

Innovative Techie Links Of Interest

Innovative Techie Links Of Interest

Laughing Squid

Difficulties with Windows Phone 7 updates.

Might T-Mobile offer a no-limits data plan?

Also check out Innovation Institute, LLC’s other postings here and on Twitter

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Studies Show Patents Don't Hurt Research

Studies show that patents to do not inhibit research.

The world's largest known electronics patent applications filed by Innovation Institute, LLC are based on decades of research, and only because of world patent rights.

World Intellectual Property Organization May Quickly Take Down Infringing Web Sites

The World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO may quickly take down websites infringing intellectual property rights.  This will make it harder for patent infringers to get away with their infringements.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Innovating Telecommuting Work Process Is Green Friendly

The more "virtual" a person's home environment, the more likely a higher share of people will telecommute from home.  Adaptive Interfacing is one of the answers. 

Innovation Institute filed probably the world's largest patent application that boosts US telecommuter work productivity via Adaptive Interfaces TM.

Under 4% of private sector workers in the US work from home. Predictions are US telecommuters might comprise 30% before 2019 per George Washington University.

University of California and Innovation Institute solving liquid explosives at airport checkpoints

University of California at Davis in innovating technology originally used for wine testing, to instead recognize liquid explosives at airport checkpoints.  Innovation Institute has filed patent applications in over 80 countries on related ways of testing liquid contents. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Government Doesn't Need Warrant To Search Cellphones

The US government allowed police to search cellphones without a warrant. Computers however can only be searched with a warrant.  Today's iPhone and other smart phones are far more sophisticated than personal computer only years ago.

Today's smart phones let government officials access much about one's life - perhaps as much as their PC?
What is the difference between smart phones and computers as the two devices start looking more and more like each other?

At least those going after patent infringers have one more way of catching intellectual property thieves.  It's now harder for patent infringers to hide their illicit activity behind smart phones as they can be checked without a warrant. This is one positive aspect notes Innovation Institute, LLC.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Why Solano County Is Ideal Location For Innovative California Businesses

There Are Many Reasons Why Solano County Is The Ideal Location For Innovative California Businesses.

Reasons include:
• Solano County businesses are 30 min from Berkeley and 35 min from downtown Sacramento during normal traffic.  San Francisco's downtown is 45 minutes.
• Solano County businesses' employees have lower housing costs.  Solano County house prices for something in fairly move in condition can start at $75,000 for a three bedroom, 1 bath house with garage and 10,000 square foot yard.
• Charming area.  E.G. Near Suisun waterfront.
• Solano County businesses normally have lower taxes than much of the inner San Francisco Bay Area.
• Ample Solano office space for rent in Fairfield, Suisun, Vacaville, etc. E.G. Available office spaces for lease in Fairfield with over a dozen benefits start at only $375/mo all inclusive.
• Solano government and Solano Business Incubator work hard to attract new Solano County businesses.
• Much more...!