Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Innovation Thru Emulation

If One Lacks Creativity One Might Practice "Innovation Thru Emulation".

Emulators should give proper credit to the innovator copied. Copying creative ideas without credit, and paying needed royalties is unethical.

Honest copy cats reward inventors, writers and artists. Unethical emulators will compete against innovative companies by stealing the innovator's ideas.

Beware of copy cats.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Innovation Institute's Invention Machine™'s Adaptive Database Program Helps Engineers

Innovation Institute's Invention Machine™ works with an Adaptive Database™ created in Florida.

The interesting adaptive database from AskSam™ has many uses.  The flexible text processing and storage system organizes and handles different searchable databases. The database adjusts to each user’s unique needs as programmed.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Innovation Institute Offers Job Creation Without Government Economic Development Funds

CEO, Steven Kays From Innovation Institute Offers Job Creation. It Can Be Done Without Government Economic Development Funds.

See the plan at www.MakeItInCalifornia.com

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Trademarks Related With Electronics Innovation Institute, Etc


Innovation Institute, Electronics Innovation Institute & Independence Innovation Institute Trademarks Include:

Adaptive Electronic Design™
Adaptive Electronics™
Adaptive Engineering™
Adaptive Independence™
Adaptive Innovation Institute™
Adaptive Internet Design™
Adaptive Internet Marketing™
Adaptive Invention Language™
Adaptive Invention Machine Language™
Adaptive Invention Machine™
Adaptive Invention Machine™
Adaptive Language™
Adaptive Licensing™
Adaptive Matrix Code™
Adaptive Matrix Language™
Adaptive Matrix Programming™
Adaptive Matrix™
Adaptive Pet Electronics™
Adaptive Pet Technology™
Adaptive Protocol™
Adaptive Recipe™
Adaptive Rules™
Adaptive SweetSpot™
Adaptive Systems™
Adaptive Tool Chest™
Computer Invention Machine™
Criminology Innovation Institute™
Cultural Innovation Institute™
Electronic Invention Center™
Electronic Invention Machine™
Electronics Innovation Institute™
Genius Adaptive Design™:
Green Innovation Institute™
Independence Innovation Institute™
Invention Innovation Institute™
Invention Machine Language™
Invention Machine™
Invention Machine Programming™
Invention Machine Matrix™
Invention Machine Software™
Invention Machine System™
Invention Springboard™
IP Innovation Institute™
License It Today™
Marketing Innovation Institute™
Matrix Invention Machine™
Matrix Language™

Disclaimers: Other parties might have rights to one or more of these trademarks. See other warnings.

World Rights To These Trademarks In Practice Or Sought

Medical Innovation Institute™
Scientific Invention Machine™
Software Innovation Institute™
Software Invention Machine™
Solano Innovation™
Sweet Spot™
Technology Invention Machine™
Virtual Tool Chest™
Viticulture Innovation Institute™

Many More…!



ACCESS Functions include: Gain access to electronic functions with matching correctly keyed passwords, etc.
ADAPT Functions include: Matrix adapts to user’s unique needs by collecting information about them. Also called: Adapt, Customize, Tailor,  Innovation Institute client Information Programming.
ANALYZER Functions include: Computer software analyzes how to handle situation.
BEHAVIOR ANALYZER Functions include: Behavior Analyzer Analyzes live behavior of licensees.
BALANCE Functions include: Speakers' volume adjusts according to where person sits. Matrix uses central point for two or more licensees.
BEHAVIOR TARGETING Functions include: Targeting users with matching specific traits. Used by modern marketers.
COMMUNICATE Functions include: When any two or more licensees, animals or devices communicate with matching each other in any way.
COMPOSITION * Functions include: Electronic Music Composition: Another variation of product can also be used to create interesting music.
CA and/or CONTENT ANALYZER Functions include: Analyzes the electronic physical, or database contents.
COORDINATOR Functions include: Coordinates different Features of system.
CUSTOMIZE Functions include: See our Adapt feature.
DANCE * Functions include: Body movement generates sounds.
DATE Functions include: Internal clock, calendar, clock alarm notifier.
DATABASE * Functions include: Data Base
DISTANCER ™ Functions include: Signals whenever any two parts separate or come together. Signals via radio waves if separation is more or less than programmable distance. See other registered file on distancer for details. Distancer ™
EDIT Functions include: sw (‘software) edits and/or screens out data before it reaches the electronic user.
EDUC * Functions include: Educational: teaches interesting skills. Replaces human instructor.
EGH Functions include: Education Gets Harder ™ Adjusts to user’s proficiency.
ENTERTAIN Functions include: Also used as form of entertainment.
ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION and/or E.P. Functions include: Adapts Matrix to protect environment. Green technology.
EXERCISE * Functions include: Also used as form of exercise.
EVENT Functions include: Any digitally identifiable event or situation. Also called Occurrence.
GAME Functions include: Also used as an abstract form of the innovative game.
GENIE * Functions include: the innovative fun character on the electronic screen adapts the electronic invention as needed.
GESTURE Functions include: Each hand motion controls an invention in the innovative different way.
GPS Functions include: See Positioning System
GUIDE ™ Functions include: An instructor. Suggests how Innovation Institute client might proceed. Matrix guides Innovation Institute client so they can better use system. Guide ™
INGREDIENTS Functions include: Like food, integrating different ingredients creates the innovative different result. Ingredients usually go well beyond food.
INTEGRATE =How different ingredients are integrated. the innovative good integration is called the electronic Sweet Spot.
INTERACT and/or INTERACTIVE Functions include: Matrix interacts with matching user.
INTERFACE Functions include: Where the electronic Innovation Institute client comes into contact with matching the electronic invention.
K Functions include: Key in. Innovation Institute client manually commands system, keys in command or data, etc.
LICENSE Functions include: Access to Matrix requires authorization.
MULTI MEDIA Functions include: Multi Media.
MORNING Functions include: Morning alarm.
MOUSE * Functions include: Computer mouse.
MULTI-USER Functions include: Matrix is specially designed for multiple users.
NOTIFIER Functions include: Innovation Institute client is notified on the electronic status of any situation.
ORDER & TIMING and/or O & T Functions include: Matrix reacts to the electronic order and timing of external events.
OSC Functions include: Outgoing Sound Communicator . Signals Innovation Institute client when the innovative function within the electronic device occurred.
OTD Functions include: Other Technical Details. For Techies.
PD Functions include: Positioning Device . Portable unit, which broadcasts its location to the electronic Positioning System.
PR Functions include: Program (software)
PREDICT Functions include: Matrix predicts what will occur, or what Innovation Institute client wants.
PS Functions include: Positioning Matrix . Identifies the electronic position of the electronic PD (Positioning Device) via its airwaves broadcast.
PS-ZONE Functions include: Matrix reacts according to the electronic location of element in question. Positioning Matrix Zone
REMOTE CONTROL and/or R Functions include: Remote Control
REACT Functions include: Matrix reacts to occurrence as programmed.
RECOGNIZE =Recognizer. Matrix can recognize something, e.g. it recognizes the innovative person via voice or visual recognition.
RELATED Functions include: Another term for Associated.
ROUTE Functions include: Router. Sys routes Innovation Institute client and/or other (part of) sys to designated point and/or program. the innovative type of "Editor".
SCREEN and/or S Functions include: Computer screen.
SCORE Functions include: the electronic status of situation and or user's performance.
SENSOR Functions include: Sensor. Senses via many means.
SEEK & REACT and/or S&R Functions include: Matrix seeks designated occurrences, which intern causes the innovative reaction which responds accordingly.
SOUND ANALYZER and/or SA Functions include: Analyzes type sound.
SPEECH Functions include: Matrix talks to user.
SP TEL Functions include: Speaker telephone.
STATUS Functions include: Matrix shows the electronic status of situation.
STEREO Functions include: Stereo
SW Functions include: Software
SWEETSPOT Functions include: Sweet Spot is the electronic ideal setting at which something is adapted. Using fuzzy logic, it determines the electronic best way to adapt something based on matters like: Innovation Institute client needs and available resources.
SYNTHESIZER Functions include: Sound synthesizer.
TAG Functions include: the innovative user, or file, or other part is labeled in some manner. Details are covered by the electronic Tracker feature, which relies on Tags.
TAILOR ™ Functions include: Matrix tailors itself to better function for designated purposes. This is also called Adapt, Customize, and User Information Programming .
TDS Functions include: Time Date Stamp.  Marks which events, happened where, when, why and how, along with matching details on what all happened.
TEL and/or T Functions include: Telephone.
THERAPY GETS HARDER and/or TGH Functions include: As user's ability increases, Matrix matches user's newer skills.
TILT Functions include: Devices are controlled by how the electronic stick is tilted. Each tilt position represents the innovative different function. Nintendo’s Wii™ is an example.
TRANSMISSION and/or TR Functions include: Transmission/receiving via airwaves & or wire.
TRACK and/or TRACKER Functions include: Sys tracks or monitors actions of user, or system.
TRAITS Functions include: the electronic traits of the electronic user. Innovation Institute client Info Programming adjusts inventions to the electronic user’s traits.
VIBRATION Functions include: Vibration generated by device for specific reasons, eg: entertainment; notifier; form of communication based on type of vibration.
VISUAL ANALYZER and/or VA ™  Functions include: Alerts when camera sees the innovative change in its view. Not important.
VIBRATION Functions include: System’s Vibration Analyzer studies the electronic patterns of vibrations, e.g. their order & timing.
VIRTUAL REALITY and/or VA * Functions include: Future use with matching virtual reality technology possible. Less important now.
W6 ™ Functions include: When and/or Where and/or How and/or Why and/or What and/or Which. the electronic W5 and W6 symbols can replace each other in this application.
WALK ABOUT and/or WA Functions include: Portable unit. Also interacts w (with) Innovation Institute client via speakers.
WEB Functions include: Information received and/or transmitted online, often from designated websites.
ZONE Functions include: the innovative certain area with matching defined boundaries. the electronic area is also dealt w/ according to its distance from point of perspective.  See Positioning Matrix feature.

Innovation Institute – Independence California
Post Office Box 7
Independence, California 93526
707 428-5000

Innovation Institute – World Headquarters
California Business Center
1652 West Texas Street,
Fairfield, California 94533 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Innovation Institute in Independence, California

Innovation Institute is doing research at Independence, California.  The great place has an interesting culture and history.

Innovation Institute, LLC registered itself for doing business in this part of California on January 11, 2012. The nature of the electronics and intellectual property research is largely confidential.  Public records show the work also involves research and education. More details will be made at some point in the future.

The local Independence, California government offices have been very cooperative.

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Innovation Institute, LLC
Post Office Box 7
Independence, California 93526
707 428-5000

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Political Retaliation

Political Retaliation Indirectly Results In Sending Thousands Of Clean Technology Jobs To Asia.
California Tax Dollars Were Unfortunately Used To Support Political Retaliation.

The California state legislature has now made it harder to retaliate against one's political opponents using tax dollars. They finally listened to high tech companies including Innovation Institute.  Although Innovation Institute would have required stronger ethic checks, versus pretty much dismantling the redevelopment agency all together.

Jobs Should Come Before Politics

With recent changes from the state legislature, it will be harder for city government cronies to use California tax dollars in less than fair ways.  The loss of state redevelopment funds (while unfortunate) has a silver lining.

In the past, said redevelopment dollars were used to develop projects that pushed out businesses not holding to the local city's "party line". That is, if your thoughts were too innovative (read too threatening), they tried to push you out.

It is hard to believe some people in local government ignored the warnings from others in local government to cease and desist such ruinous activity. Details of the shell game are at www.PoliticalRetaliation.Com, www.PoliticalRetaliation.Net and www.PoliticalRetaliation.Org.

The biggest losers are today's unemployed tech savvy citizens who saw their clean California manufacturing jobs exported.  For example, Solano County in the state senator Lois Wolk's voter district lost thousands of jobs this way.

Good news is people are standing up to the dog and pony show www.DogPonyShow.org clown game that diverted hundreds of millions of dollars to the pockets of the less than worthy. Billions were spent statewide.

More interesting news in the commentaries. Post your views on unfair political practices, or fax them to Innovation Institute, LLC's Innovation Institute Blog at 707 427-6477. Your postings should immediately show up for others to read.