Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What Improves Creativity

Minimize criticism

Thinking outside the box increases creativity

Work in small creative independent groups

Set Goals

Reward risk taking to improve creativity

Be open-minded to nurture new imaginative ideas

Optimism improves imagination

Leverage Exclusive Invention Distribution Rights To Get First Orders

How might it be easier to find electronic invention distributors eager to give you bigger first orders? Consider exchanging exclusive invention distribution territories.

• Offering some negotiable minimum order their exclusive territory contract.
• Invention distributors can sell to anyone in their territory.
• Your invention distributor might reduce their risk by further dividing the invention's territory to its electronic invention resellers.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Skype Into Virtual Reality Tomorrow? Technology Changing Faster Than You Can Think It.

Adaptive Virtual Reality™ is changing so fast.

Will skypers in the future say, "let's Skype into virtual reality"?  Today’s technology already enables Adaptive Virtual Reality™.  Handling the Adaptive Virtual Reality glitches, and keeping costs down will involve many more milestones Silicon Valley is now tackling.

Others say Skype might be in decline.  At least Microsoft may believe that Skype® will bring greater synergy to their portfolio. http://www.economist.com/blogs/schumpeter/2011/05/microsoft_and_skype

Adaptive Virtual Reality™ being developed in California by Virtual Reality Innovation Institute™ and Adaptive Innovation Institute™.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

San Francisco Bay Area's Most Cost Effective Place To LIve & Work

Where Is San Francisco Bay Area's Most Cost Effective Place To Set Up Elecrtronic R&D Facilities?  Where Can Employees Find Affordable Housing?

More and more electronic inventions are coming from Solano County.  With house prices having sometimes dropped even 80%, decent houses with three bedrooms, one bath and a garage can be had for under $80,000.  For $120,000 you get what might cost over $2,000,000 in San Francisco (though this is not usually the case).

The city of Fairfield helps electronic companies locate to Fairfield.  Call Curt Johnston at 707 428-7400. More Solano Business News at SolanoBusinessNews.com

Much of Solano County's electronic work is coming from Solano's government and business capital Fairfield.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Service Research And Innovation Institute

Service Research And Innovation Institute is linked with IBM and other large corporations.

"Service Research And Innovation Institute" is not to be confused with  Innovation Institute, LLC.  Both Innovation Institute names are separate organizations that may or may not be tied with this blog’s host: Innovation Institute, LLC.  Innovation Institute, LLC is not funded by IBM.

Innovation Institute, LLC has tens of thousands of inventions.  Innovation Institute, LLC filed the largest known patent applications in history.  Samples of their inventions can be found at Invention Springboard www.InventionSpringboard.com and Genius Adaptive Design draft 2006 patent application www.GeniusAdaptiveDesign.com and many other sources.

Innovation Institute is a world leader with adaptation.  Adaptive Matrix TM learns user needs, then adapts accordingly. Adaptive Matrix offers millions of possible adaptations per each user's unique changing needs.

Service Research And Innovation Institute are innovating the following and related fields:
<> Adaptation
<> Cloud Innovation
<> Green Technology Innovation
<> Financial Institution's Innovation
<> Health Care Innovation
<> Knowledge Management Innovation
<> Political Innovation
<> How Service Research And Innovation Institute Can Innovate IBM & Others
<> Innovative Engineering
<> Quality Innovation Including IBM Inventions
<> Mobility Innovation
<> Innovating University & Institute R&D Innovation
<> Innovative Curriculum Development
<> Tracking Innovation & Predicting Tomorrow’s Trends
<> Much more...!

Service Research And Innovation Institute explores innovation in academic institutions, research institutes, innovative government institutes around the world.

For details  on Service Research And Innovation Institute visit www.thesrii.org

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IBM Infringing Innovation Institute's Trademark & Inventions?

Is IBM infringing both Innovation Institute's trademark and Innovation Institute's inventions? IBM and Innovation Institute, LLC opened communications on possible IBM - Innovation Institute infringements. Innovation Institute remains hopeful.

IBM Innovation Institute Trademark Infringement?
• For some reason IBM is using "Innovation Institute" throughout their websites, and organization names. Innovation Institute is mixed with other terms too.  For example over 900 hits came up today on a search engine when one sought: "IBM Innovation Institute".
• As Innovation Institute does business worldwide, this is an international trademark issue.

IBM - Innovation Institute, LLC Patent Infringement?
• IBM appears to have filed patent applications in many fields similar to Innovation Institute's electronic inventions after Innovation Institute's filing dates.
• At question are patent applications filed by Innovation Institute and its affiliate between Dec 2005 and Dec 2006, plus those filed thereafter in around 80 or more countries. This includes the very draft pat application Genius Adaptive Design www.GeniusAdaptiveDesign.com with software that adapts to user needs.
• Adaptation is tomorrow's future technology.

Innovation Institute, LLC's parent organizations include: Innovation Institute and Innovation Institute, Inc. They used the Innovation Institute trademark, but not the IBM Innovation Institute trademark per USPTO records since Dec 20, 1984. While trademark law is very complicated, it would be easy for trademark lawyers to verify the presence of Innovation Institute trademark before it became so popular with others. Trademark law protection applies whether one files a trademark application or not, of it it were filed correctly, etc. Usage is the key. So what's the story with IBM Innovation Institute?

Microsoft - Innovation Institute, LLC Patent Infringement?
• Microsoft and IBM have worked closely for most of the days since Bill Gates first approached IBM.  Bill Gate's previous friend Steve Jobs are connected to Innovation Institute in many other ways.  This goes back to Steve Jobs having interacted with Innovation Institute founder's Steven Kays' family members back in the 1970s.
• The first computer Steven Kays purchased was an IBM, though he enjoyed apples in the old days as well.

Search Innovation Institute in the www.IBM.com search box and find many hits. You may find one IBM Innovation Institute on their site linked with China unless IBM might have changed their IBM.com site.

IBM is a much bigger organization than Innovation Institute, LLC. So this is probably an oversight.  Relatively speaking, IBM may have a better reputation for ethics than many other electronics firms.

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