Thursday, November 17, 2011

1novation: Spin Off From Innovatoin Institute

The 1novation trademark was just spun off from Innovation Institute, LLC. The official launch happened on 17 Nov 2011.

1novaion's links are at 1novation.Com and 1nnovation.Com.  Both versions of 1novation were saved for the trademark.  Check it out...!

Friday, November 11, 2011

How Spies Altogether Bypass Malware Via Blag Back Tricks. Counter Surveillance: Protecting Businesses From Industrial Espionage

Malware Protection Offers A False Sense Of Protection. Black Bag Tricks Are An Overlooked Security Risk.

Intellectual Property Companies Need Counter Surveillance. Protecting IP Businesses From Industrial Espionage Involves More Than Installing Malware Protection On Your Computer.

Black bag surveillance from radio and other air waves from the computer can be easier for hackers.

Research Today's & Tomorrow's Systems To Catch While Collar Criminal Hackers. Technology categories include:

Audio Surveillance Equipment
Booby Trap Detection Equipment
Cell Phone Adaptive Tracking
Counter Booby Trap Surveillance
Digital Adaptive Surveillance
Digital Video Booby Trap Tracking
DVR Detection
Hidden Camera Adaptive Surveillance
Infrared Adaptive Matrix Tracking Camera
Internet Detection
Jamming Adapts To Predicted Spy’s Methodology
Outdoor Tracking Camera
Remote Matrix Surveillance
Remote Video Booby Trap Detection
Satellite Matrix Tracking
Spy Adaptive Surveillance Equipment
Video Adaptive Detection Cameras
Video Tracking Electronics
Video Surveillance System
Wireless Tracking Inventions
Wireless Video Matrix Tracking

Tracking Invention Machine™: Free tool to improve counter surveillance inventions. The Key Word Matrix Tool™ is at www.InventionMachine.Biz. The Tracking Invention Machine™ database is designed for electronic engineers, surveillance inventors and international patent attorneys.

Best Counter Surveillance Links: