Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Patent Pirates

What is a patent pirate?  Modern day patent pirates steal other’s invention ideas. They copycat another’s invention. It’s someone who willfully commits patent infringement. Inventors are often left high and dry with bills for developing the invention. 

Best patent piracy articles are at www.PatentPirate.Net. Innovation Institute ™ complains how intellectual property criminals steal Innovation Institute’s ideas.  Others even steal Innovation Institute, LLC’s trademark Innovation Institute ™.

Innovation Institute is developing new ways to recognize, track and catch invention copycats.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Protecting Against Unscrupulous Patent Infringers. Innovative Methods Workshop For IP Professionals

Protecting Against Unscrupulous Patent Infringers. Innovative Methods Workshop For IP Professionals. Innovation Institute filed the world's largest known patent applications useful for IP protective strategies including patent pools, and unique IP circling strategies to keep competitors at bay. Learn how you can profit from Innovation Institute's unique patent pending IP protection methods and non patent pending methods. Attendees are guaranteed to learn new effective strategies or your money back.

Dec 2013 Thru Jan 2014 Workshop Locations To Be Determined Based On Enrollment Figures:  Call +1 707 434-8000 to reserve your space.

New York City, USA
Nassau, Jamaica
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Cartagena, Columbia

Panama City, Panama
Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala
Puerto Vallarte, Mexico

Caba San Lucas, Mexico
San Diego, California, USA
Los Angeles, California, USA
Palm Springs, California, USA
San Francisco, California, USA
Palo Alto, California, USA
Berkeley, California, USA

The 2 Hour Workshops Are US$500 (payable in local currencies). For details on the "Protecting Against Unscrupulous Patent Infringers. Innovative Methods Workshop For IP Professionals" workshop call the Fairfield, California location +1 707 428-5000.  Attendance is for professionals and investors who already have a strong foundation with common intellectual property law and procedures.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Too Intelligent?

When Someone Is Labeled As Being Too Smart

Socially Awkward Situations When People Feel Talked Down To

When Someone Feels Talked Down To:
• How to respond to people saying you make them feel talked down to. A useful & somewhat humorous inquiry. Researching how some people try to bring down others for being too intelligent.
• People want to connect and not feel talked down to. 
• Intelligent or not, being perceived as arrogant is also unpleasant.
• People interpret things the way they want.  Two people in the same situation might be excited and the other feel talked down to. It is awkward to tell a person who feels trodden upon that they are the one who chooses to feel inferior is something only in their head.
• How do you handle these issues? Here are equalization methods that might work. Keep a sense of humor as you read on.

Strategies: How Not To Make People Feel Inferior
• Calm down.
• Speak more slowly.
• Show you listen: People with fast mental processing skills are often deemed as non-listeners.  So repeat back what others said to show you really listen.
• Give more credit to others in group projects even if they did less than you.
• Love: Show you like people.  Find it in yourself to like people.
• Be kind and trustworthy. Let others see you as one they can count on, instead of being one to fear.
• Flattery: Give other people kudos. Don’t over do it.
• Simplify things so others better understand.
• Recognize When Others Are Upset: Spot body language cues like glazed eyes, glancing at the watch or picking at fluff on clothing.
• Frame your opinions of others in positive or neutral ways. E.G. instead of saying "John is a bad customer service agent," say, "I've noticed that Carmen seems to struggle to connect with people in customer service."
• Humor: non sarcastic humor. Silly humor deflects stress. Even put yourself down a notch showing your human like others.

Bring Yourself Down A Notch.
Use To Help Equalize Things. May however backfire if others are the type to use this against you:
• Showing vulnerability in public is actually a sign of strength
• Laugh at yourself when you make a mistake
• Put Yourself Down: A tricky thing that often backfires.  “I don’t know how to get more done and increase profits in a shorter time period without sometimes upsetting you.”
• Dumbing down often works. Many people unconsciously turn off their brains to better conform to others to avoid being labeled a derogatory term related to superior or genius. Sadly, women in male dominated societies often dumb themselves down.

Useful Quotes For The Equalizer Effect:
• “You’re right.”
• “I admire you in _____. I can learn a lot from you in that area.”
• “I love learning from you.”
• “You are so clearly gifted in that area.”
• “I’m proud of you. That takes an incredible amount of forethought, etc.”
• “You handled that incredibly well.”
• “What do you think?”

Famous Quotes On Superiority:
• “Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.” Arthur Schopenhauer
• “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt

When Others Just Don’t Get It & You Have Only Five Minutes Left:
Frustration fuels the flames. It’s easier to bridge matters when there’s time to afford patience. Consider these difficult possibilities:
• Have a good person take charge of the situation.
• Resume the subject when nerves have calmed down. People listen better when not angry.
• This is very important.  You may not solve the world’s problems but the writers here aren’t smart enough to have figured this one out. Even little bits will help. What have you found to work?

Researching Perceived Arrogance.

Further research in this field is much needed. Web search the below topics. Useful terms and phenomena:

Psychological Traits:
What Might Be Ascribed To Those Who Consider Themselves As Feeling Superior (real or imagined):
Boasting, intolerance of criticism, egocentrism, egotism, and lacking empathy. Also exaggerated entitlement, envy, grandiosity and narcissistic.  Perfectionism, micro managing in the sense that those being micromanaged can feel looked down upon. Also self-esteem self-righteousness and superiority complex, and vanity.

Being Talked Down To - Common Phrases: How those being talked down describe the awkward situation:
• Talk to me, not down to me.
• You’re conceited.
• Terms like: arrogant, you feel inferior, or you are talking down to me. Belittling. • You’re not respecting me. Feels like you are very condescending.
• You think you’re better than me.
• I don’t like the way you talk down to me.

Search Terms:
• (superior OR inferior) AND ("dumbing down" OR "dumb down")  AND (“inferiority complex” OR “feel inferior” OR “treated as inferior” OR “superiority complex” OR arrogant OR conceited OR “talk down to” OR “too intelligent” OR “feel smarter” AND inferior OR “feel better” OR equalizer OR “level playing field” OR “make equal” OR psychology OR fear OR lift OR "stop making people feel inferior" OR “feel stupid" OR jealous) AND (“feel better” OR quotes OR “them feel smarter” OR alleviate OR “call me superior” OR “me arrogant” OR “me conceited”) AND (quotation OR quotations OR phrases OR “tell them” OR say OR “sound bytes”)
• What not to search: –A.I. -“artificial intelligence” -“no one” -consent

Tentative Conclusions On Creating More Harmony:

Best Known Website For People Perceived As Too Intelligent Or Too Creative:
Website for creative minds adapting to a less than creative world.  The site is about how to balance “being too creative for others” with adapting to the local mindset. www.MagicalGenius.Org Join Creative Philosophers Club, part of Mensa in Solano County 707 427-6443. Kindly share your ideas with the free group, or post constructive suggestions on this blog.

Love Is The Answer: Superiority is after all a mind construct. While people have different skills, everyone has something to teach us. Difficult questions usually can be found through compassion. A genius without compassion is missing out from the magical side of life. After all is said and done, love is the answer.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Green House Inventions

Green House Incubator For Inventions & Think Tank

Innovation Institute has many horticulture inventions filed with patent offices around the world.  

Green House Incubator Draft Plan
How A Future Green House May Look

Reasonably Self-Sustaining: Using insects such as ladybugs to keep pests at bay.

Energy Cost Reduction:
• Winter Heating: Keep out cold weather with clear twin wall polycarbonate material. Heat generating sources such as gas or radiant steam heat. More affordable options desired.
• Summer Cooling: Keeping part of the Solano green house cooler by having a separate section built somewhat deep into the ground.  Naturally a pump will be needed to avoid possible green house flooding. Also use retractable cloths and outside trees that only shed leaves in cooler months for partial sun heat protection.

Aqua Culture:
• Indoor pond: The Solano green house users will often be vegetarian. Hence instead of tilapia, koi fish is one option. In rare cases koi might live over 100 or 200 years and are one of the friendliest cold-water fish. This is evidenced by trained koi eating right from people’s hands. Training can take as little as a dozen feedings.
• Indoor microcosm version of the pond is the eco system aquarium innovative ideas at http://innovationinstitute.blogspot.com/2013/08/aquarium.html
Sectioning Off Green House:
• Sections needing greater temperature control can be sectioned off from the larger green house. Saves energy costs.
• Greater Control Sections: tropical fruits.
• Medium Control Sections: year round green house. Temperatures might stay above 50 degrees.
• Low Control Sections: Used during spring and fall without heating devices. Extends growing season for annuals such as tomatoes.

Plants To Match Solano Seasons:
• Plant selections will primarily be edible with some focus on exotic fruits which are harder to buy locally.
• Summer: Selected plants tolerate dry Solano County summer temperatures exceeding 105 degrees. As there's the possibility of over heating due to a green house failure, plants should withstand higher temperatures. The facility may not always be monitored.
• Winters: Plants that tolerate temperatures to perhaps 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ground & Soil:
• Bring in a thick layer of organically composted soil.
• Raised-growing beds included for higher maintenance plants.

Area Outside The Green House:
• Low water, hardy plants.
• Compare how outdoor hardy plants of the same species thrive in and outside the controlled growing area.

Other Green House Think Tank Uses:
• Research Goals: Develop prototypes for Innovation Institute’s horticulture and environmental protection inventions.
• Brainstorm with follow horticulturalists and techie innovators • Free youth tours.

Previous Horticultural Inventions:
• Adaptive Planters ™cleverly adjust the size of trellises as plants such as ivy grows. 
• Analytical inventions: Plant related inventions range from adaptive guide platforms to systems which predict when and why certain plant species may go extinct. 
• Adaptive Horticulture Tracking ™: Dual use technology for agriculture and non agricultural uses include Trackerizer ™technology. It not only tracks and predicts plant needs, but tracks wide ranges of things outside horticulture.   Electronic tracking inventions include different types of tracking intellectual property. Inventions range from tracking shipped packages and even lost airline baggage. One invention alerts shippers if and when transported plants are predicted to encounter unhealthy conditions based on previous transportation pattern analysis.
• Over 200 more plant related inventions in the world’s largest known patent application, “Genius Adaptive Design”.

Free Green Technology Patent Rights:
Over 200 green technology inventions available royalty free to ethical for profits and qualifying non profits. Sample inventions:
• Inventions for tracking and controlling environments to reduce spreading of germs. For example Innovation Institute’s Adaptive Pet Door ™ tracks pets and reduces the amount of dirt tracked into the house.  This for example reduces the chances of gene mutation in farming communities such as in south east Asia where there’s poultry and people walk indoors without shoes. http://ip-ca.blogspot.com/2012_04_01_archive.html. The pet door paw cleaner also reduces global warming by convincing more people to get electronic pet doors, thereby cutting back the need for people to drive home to let out their cat or dog.
• Free patent rights to socially responsible organizations. The free patent rights concept is introduced at www.FreePatentRights.com
• Patent Pools: Help protect green technology companies with green tech patent pools. www.PatentPool.org

Free Solano Office Space Rentals & Meeting Rooms For Botany Orgs:
• Free office space rentals for Solano horticultural innovators at www.SolanoBusinessIncubator.Com
• Use the first green house prototype to spin off more green houses.
• Lot’s more…!

Innovation Institute, LLC 707 428-5000
Solano Business Incubator, 1652 West Texas Street, Fairfield, California 94533 USA