Thursday, April 26, 2012

Issues When Seeking Copyright Free Images

Unexpected Issues Copyright Free Image Databases May Come With.  

Web promotors often entice visitors with copyright free pictures. But in reality there's switch and bait marketing of free pictures, or other obstacles.  Here is a list of concerns that may elucidate the tricks of the trade in offering "free" non copyright restricted pictures:
• Animated pix database with limited real life images
• Few if any real people pix
• Annual renewal fees to access the copyright free database (but this is doable)
• Bad reviews about the seller
• Credit had to be given to the creator (completely legit from the artists perspective but awkward to add credits when pix used in documents, twitter, etc.
• Databases offering copyright free images usually mixed them with paid pix.  You have to thumb thru paid and free pictures wasting time.  The best pictures were not copyright free.

There are other issues as well.  Check with a copyright attorney.  Read the fine print on how the purportedly free pictures in reality come with different types of copyright restrictions. Nothing is warranted www.NothingWarranted.Net. Best to maybe buy a large free images database.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Price Waterhouse Coopers & Innovation Institute ™ On Venture Capital

To the surprise of many, venture capital is actually down after 2012's first quarter. Price Waterhouse Coopers says something like 750+ companies received about US$5.75 billion. This is about a 10 to 12 percent drop from 2011's first quarter.

Innovative California companies got over $3 billion in VC.

Meanwhile innovations in life sciences and green clean technology sectors experienced drops in VC.

Innovation Institute ™ predictions are that Price Waterhouse Coopers will come out with increases in venture capital funding for green tech especially with the Fukushima nuclear safety disasters. Price Waterhouse Coopers may find that Nuclear Safety Innovation Institute ™ inventions are not enough to curb the dangers of nuclear energy.  Innovation Institute advices investors to put more VC into green technology for long term rewards.

Innovation Institute predicts Splunk ™ "might" also be a big winner. Wall Street Journal said, "Splunk set out to build a Google for machine data—essentially a search engine for all the data that servers, network switches and any device such as smartphones with a processor spits out when those devices are in use."

More cutting edge news, plus Innovation Institute predictions and news at and

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Why Less Techie Polaroid Instant will sell in today’s market

In the age of the digital revolution, it seems as though there would be little reason to buy an analog product. However, when Polaroid announced in 2008 that it would discontinue production of instant film, public outrage ensued. “How could they stop production of such a cherished and beloved product? Why!?”

The announcement led to the development of the Impossible Project, a group of individuals dedicated to the survival of instant film. With the support of millions of instant film enthusiasts and a few experts the Impossible Project salvaged the last Polaroid production plant and developed new instant film for existing Polaroid 600 cameras – rescuing 300,000,000 original Polaroid cameras from becoming obsolete.

Due to apparent high demand for instant film, Polaroid released the new Instant 300 camera. This camera is a specialty item that appeals to artists, designers, and photographers; for artistic purposes to achieve effects that are impossible to accomplish with traditional photography, and also in settings where it is undesirable to have to wait for a roll of conventional film to be finished and processed, such as photographing outfits prior to photoshoots or runway shows. Some photographers use instant film for test shots, to see how a subject or setup looks before using conventional film for the final exposure. 

Beyond its functionality, the Polaroid is a cultural icon that was immortalized by artists including Andy Warhol and will continue to steal the hearts of generations to come.