Sunday, October 14, 2018

Evolution Of A Poem About Beauty Found In The Unknown

Discover how this poetic therapy poem evolves in three versions.  Note how the poem let's go of extra words like outer petals to a flower. Innovation Institute offers poets a new way of applying their healing poems for gently nurturing their readers into higher consciousness.

Version One

Gentle Beauty In The Unknown
Growing into the mystery of the yet unknown poetic state of mind.
The blooming flower, gently allows the tightly held outer petals to gently make their way for new perspectives without harsh judgement on the old. The older petals remain attached to the reality without impeding the unknown beauties for experiencing life. The flower shows unlimited ways to softly explore the unknown.

Version Two

Gently Discovering Beauty Without Judgement
Inner beautiful truth blossoms. Releasing outer petals.
Easily evolving naturally, by not judging how it was compared to a how it might become. Blossoming by transcending restrictions of the past and future.

Version Three

Gently Discovering Spiritual Beauty
The tightly held outer flower petals opening. Discovering inner beautiful truth, without judging how it was living before. Beauty in each moment.