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TradeMark Disclaimer

Trademark Disclaimers


Trademarks might be used incorrectly. Be careful. Please do not confuse two organizations using similar trademarks. 

One of the organizations may have accidentally used the same trademark as another organization.  In other words, two entities may be using the same or similar trademark. But each use of the trademark may be linked to different companies. 

Put Simply: Make sure the trademark you see used, is actually tied to the company you think it is connected to.  Two different companies might be using the same trademark.  You might in fact think you are dealing with say company “A” using a trademark, when in actuality the trademark is being used by company “B”.

Trademark Disclaimer Details

No Trademark Liability: Are you unclear about the trademark disclaimer?  If so, remember, it is very possible a trademark you see used actually is from a different company. Do not presume the use of a trademark means the trademark user owns rights to the trademark. An over simplified example: You buy a bottle of Coca Cola® in a foreign country.  You presume it is tied with the original Coca Cola Company in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  But the traditional Coca Cola trademark might be a knock off without license rights to make the beverage that might look and taste like the real thing.  Ask your trademark or patent attorney about this if needed.

Nothing about trademarks is warranted. This includes communications from any web site linking to this page.

No Implied Warranties. Information Probably Contains Errors. Kindly Use Common Sense. Carefully Read The Below.

Nothing On Sites Linking To This Page Are Warranted For Accuracy. Please see these warning links on creative and other beta matters:

Coming Up With Great Trademark Ideas

• Let your imaginative flow. Get in a creative mood..!
• Worrying about liability while brainstorming about clever trademarks is proven to often reduce people’s degrees of original thinking. Creative intelligence studies show worrying while brainstorming about trademark ideas such as electronic invention trademarks, actually may hurt creative thinking. But see warning links all the same.
• Best free site to inspire very bright creative minds www.MagicalGenius.Org. It’s for creative souls often too creative for a less than creative world. MagicalGenius.Org also explores adapting, and the Politics Of Innovation™.

TM Laws: Trademark laws vary by region and country. Hire an ethical trademark lawyer.

Monday, December 12, 2011

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Kids wonder how the universe works and have amazingly deep questions about both the science and philosophical questions behind that science. Anthony Hernandez learned that when he saw his 9 year old son doing homework about atoms and molecules and offered to talk to his class about quantum physics. His teacher accepted and the kids sent Anthony a long list of questions that go to the heart of just what constitutes reality. They loved the talk so much that they volunteered to give up a lunch period to hear a second talk.

Anthony was so impressed by their curiosity that he decided to gift each student a book on the subject. He went online to check out titles and was amazed to discover that no good books exist. He therefore decided to write that book and to raise money to be able to gift each student at his son’s school with a copy. This book will present the scientific facts and some of the ways those facts can be interpreted while making it very clear that the search for answers to some of life’s biggest questions remains alive and well.

The goals of this book are to stimulate the students’ curiosity about the deepest layers of science and reality and to encourage them to use their natural creativity and innovation to expand their understanding of the amazing universe we live in and what it could all mean.

More on the innovative book project at Get involved with the innovative book project.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Beta Content




Beta Material Is Not Guaranteed:
• No implied warranty on anything that is beta.
• Nothing is 100% certain. 
• Brainstorming: This site and links are for brainstorming, and exploring beta ideas.
• Presume material is beta unless expressly stated otherwise. Even material on links that suggest it’s not beta does not mean it was checked for accuracy.
• Expect errors. Mistakes may or may not be noticed by you or your advisors.

Perpetual Beta: The linked material may be in perpetual beta. That is new info might be continually added without establishing a firm "final" release. Goal can be to initiate creative brainstorming. See BrainstormingRights.Com

Authorized Site Linked You Here?
Were you directed to this page from another authorized site?  This warning as to the beta status of the linking site applies to authorized sites linking to this page.

Beta Content:
Material may not have been verified or edited. Goal is to provide ideas to stimulate your creative thinking. 

Don't Tell Others A Stated Opinion Is Fact:
Draft material and creative discussions on a matter are opinions. Don't start a gossip rumor mill. Do not state such beta content you may have read or heard is fact when in fact when it's an opinion.  Even facts given to a situation may not be all the facts.  In other words don't slander (speak harmful things to others), nor commit libel (write ideas as fact when not fully proven).

Investors Beware:
• Be careful before investing money or time.
• Beware Of Manipulators & Other Crooks:
If the ideas in authorized sites pass your tests, beware of others who may see defects therein but not warn you. They may seek to charge you consulting or other fees.  The types of games they could play are not limited to those explained at, and
• No agreements are made except via notarized contracts. There are no spoken promises and no spoken warranties.

Boost Your Critical and Creative Thinking
• Brainstorming creative thinkers and inventors need to be protected from liability.  This encourages innovation. 
•  Let whatever ideas come up flourish. It is the reader’s responsibility to then filter good from bad information, business ideas, safety precautions, innovations, inventions, etc.
• Worrying about liability while brainstorming is proven to often reduce people’s degrees of original thinking. Studies show this applies more to brainstorming about non-safety topics and when there’s less of a deadline.

More about beta and non-liability is explained at NothingWarranted.Net. Thank you for being open-minded about evaluating the beta content.

Please don’t post links to this page without AIM’s written authorization.

Be careful, any unauthorized links to this page are not affiliated with AIM™. This page is managed and owned by AIM™ division of LicenseItToday.Com, LLC. AIM manages web sites for different organizations. For errors kindly fax complete details to 707 427-6473. You must include: 1. List the web site address having the error. Include the full url (complete web link and not just the home page link). 2. Clearly point where on the page the error is located.  3. Factually explain what is an error and why.  4. Your identity and contact information, so AIM knows you’re a real person. 5. Any other information that might be pertinent. Thank You.

• Consult an attorney and business consultant before embarking a new path.
• Any legal matters shall be handled through mediation, then if needed the American Arbitration Association in Solano County, California. Solano County, California laws apply. Any aspect of this disclaimer not held in court shall not invalidate the rest of the disclaimer.
• All agreements must be notarized.

Blog Subscriptions:
Printed blog subscriptions to authorized blogs pointing here are available. Costs run over US$100 a year. Prices differ by publication. Fax subscription inquiries to 707 427-6476.

Links About Beta And Beta Testing:
Not necessarily about sites linking here.
• Research: Also search under innovation, innovating, draft version, beta, beta testing and perpetual beta.

More Disclaimer Details:
For additional warnings and disclaimers on the authorized websites linking to this page, please visit:
NothingWarranted.Com and BrainstormingRights.Com and TMdisclaimers.Com and BlogDisclaimers.Com. Plus use common sense.

As In Other Parts Of The World, Don’t Rely On Beta Research And Brainstorming

Thursday, November 17, 2011

1novation: Spin Off From Innovatoin Institute

The 1novation trademark was just spun off from Innovation Institute, LLC. The official launch happened on 17 Nov 2011.

1novaion's links are at 1novation.Com and 1nnovation.Com.  Both versions of 1novation were saved for the trademark.  Check it out...!

Friday, November 11, 2011

How Spies Altogether Bypass Malware Via Blag Back Tricks. Counter Surveillance: Protecting Businesses From Industrial Espionage

Malware Protection Offers A False Sense Of Protection. Black Bag Tricks Are An Overlooked Security Risk.

Intellectual Property Companies Need Counter Surveillance. Protecting IP Businesses From Industrial Espionage Involves More Than Installing Malware Protection On Your Computer.

Black bag surveillance from radio and other air waves from the computer can be easier for hackers.

Research Today's & Tomorrow's Systems To Catch While Collar Criminal Hackers. Technology categories include:

Audio Surveillance Equipment
Booby Trap Detection Equipment
Cell Phone Adaptive Tracking
Counter Booby Trap Surveillance
Digital Adaptive Surveillance
Digital Video Booby Trap Tracking
DVR Detection
Hidden Camera Adaptive Surveillance
Infrared Adaptive Matrix Tracking Camera
Internet Detection
Jamming Adapts To Predicted Spy’s Methodology
Outdoor Tracking Camera
Remote Matrix Surveillance
Remote Video Booby Trap Detection
Satellite Matrix Tracking
Spy Adaptive Surveillance Equipment
Video Adaptive Detection Cameras
Video Tracking Electronics
Video Surveillance System
Wireless Tracking Inventions
Wireless Video Matrix Tracking

Tracking Invention Machine™: Free tool to improve counter surveillance inventions. The Key Word Matrix Tool™ is at www.InventionMachine.Biz. The Tracking Invention Machine™ database is designed for electronic engineers, surveillance inventors and international patent attorneys.

Best Counter Surveillance Links:

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Politics Of Innovation

Politics Of Innovation

What's more important? The first or second point?
• 1: The innovative concept.
• 2: Using the politics of innovation to bypass people's fears of change to great solutions?

Politics can kill innovation when inventors don’t adapt. The chances of politics killing you’re an innovative solution or invention is very high.

Take the creative challenge of adapting your solutions to the mind sets of your audience. While you may not be fully able to adapt, use your honesty and loyalty to show that others may not fear your needed solutions.

Politics Of Innovation Is About Adapting & Growing

• Like in biology, non adaptive inventors have a harder time.
• Most Of The World Won’t Understand All The Benefits Of The Best Solutions Even When They Are Handed It Right Into Their Hands.  Fear, Miss-understanding & More Are The Problems. Why Successful Innovators Adjust To Market Forces To Nurture Their Innovative Ideas.
• Benefits of an invention may outweigh the non adaptive factors of an invention.  But why not adapt things as best you can?

Politics Of Innovation Group:
New open forum for constructive brainstorming. OK to make relevant links to your blogs and sites.
Was started by Steven Kays who conceived 1987’s best seller “Closing of the American Mind” at University of Chicago with political scient philosopher Allen Bloom.

Philosophy of Creative Thinking - Transcend Culturally Bound Thought Patterns: www.MagicalGenius.Org is for inventors, artists and creative minds who enjoy out of the box poetic and philosophical reflections on what makes people conform and what makes them think outside the box.

Other Views On Politics & Needed Change:

Book “The Politics Of Innovation” by Tom Axworthy © 1972

Biotechnology paper from Harvard © 2003:

Innovation Institute Blog: focuses On Innovative Subjects Including Adapting Innovative Solutions To Market Needs. Mostly geared towards startup business news; interesting gadgets; other electronic inventions; electronic patent rights; trends and predictions; science; and innovative news.

Solano Progressive News (business and politics).

Steve Jobs: © Dec 2010

Tools: Free Tools For Engineers and Inventors Seeking Adaptation Technology.

Top 5 Adaptive Inventing Links
From Innovation Institute LLC:
• Political Science philosopher & Inventor Steven Kays’ favorite links:

Disclaimers: This and linked blogs contain opinions that may not be substantiated by all the facts. BlogDisclaimers.Com NothingWarranted.Com BrainstormRights.Com © October 2011 February 2012

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