Thursday, October 7, 2010

Earn Pedometer Store Rewards™ From Invention

Pedometer Invention Gives Rewards™

What The Pedometer Invention Does:
1. Pedometer encourages walkers, joggers and bikers to exercise by rewarding effort with discount coupons.
2. Recharges electric batteries while exercising Comments: Adds to benefits of exercise by immediate re-enforcements and increases motivation.
3. Generates rewards for exercising with pedometers. Rewards include coupons towards food at café’s and fast food restaurants. People prefer working towards tangible results in addition to having put in a good exercise. Even a small reward can be enough.

4. Pedometers can be incorporated as a part of a reward based exercise program for school kids, progressive employers, etc.

Valuable 15-year world license. Patent pending in over 80 countries. Simplified flexible license agreement Only five percent royalty, five thousand dollar deposit. Pick your manufacturer, or we’ll connect you with several.

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  1. The pedometer invention could be made locally. Inventor might give free US patent rights to the manufacturer. Inventor can then export the product from the US manufacturer. Investors can call 707 428-5000 or visit

  2. Who's idea was it to reward exercise with coupons from junk food establishments? The point is to get healthy.

  3. Reward people for visiting healthy places.

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