Sunday, August 7, 2022

Studies Proven To Improve Effective Brainstorming

Brainstorming Steps

Proven To Increase Number Better Ideas:

Phase One: Be open to new ideas, without judgement or self-consciousness. This frees the brain. Otherwise the bran  is more focused on preserving the status quo.  Feel safe to share. Ask not to be held accountable for brainstorming and what's said. Applies to how Innovation Institute often communicates options and theories. 

Phase Two: Pick the best of the ideas. Play around with them.

Phase Thee: Take the best idea and perfect it. Think both inside (grounded) and outside the box (innovative).

Details from inventor Steven Kays are in the earlier posts from Innovation Institute, and links. Join discussions on brainstorming and how to improve techniques for your students. Meetings held at Innovation Institute, 1652 West Texas Street, Fairfield, California; and also Europe, Latin America and more.

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Monday, August 1, 2022

Comparing Predictions For Future Of US Residential Real Estate

What Are Experts Predicting US Residential Real Estate Will Look Like In Future?

Though commercial real estate can be more profitable, residential real estate when worked with properly can be profitable in an up or down cycle if handled intelligently. 

The residential real estate market size accounted for US$8,567.4 billion in 2019, and may achieve US$12,182.1 billion by 2027.

Predictions Of Interest

Residential Real Estate Market Emerging Analysis, Growth Opportunities 2030

How will the Future of Work Change Home Choices You Never Thought Possible?How will the Future of Work Change Home Choices You Never Thought Possible?

US Housing Market Predictions 2022-2025: Crashes Were Predicted Many Times During The Pandemic. Will It Really Crash Soon

Disclaimer: As always, info and opinions are never warranted by Innovation Institute ™

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

San Francisco is a world leader if not the main leader for innovation. It is also a very important part of Silicon Valley.

Despite high real estate and living costs in San Francisco, the city at the top of the hill remains the most innovative city in the country. Manhattan leads more in the Wall Street business side. Other places like Israel Singapore Hong Kong and India rival but still do not meet the level of innovation found in San Francisco.

Many of the tech innovations with Steve Kays, from Innovation Institute, Inc originated in San Francisco Richmond District.


Sunday, January 31, 2021

“Codes of Intelligence” New Book. For People Who Might Be Too Intelligent For Others To Understand

Interesting Look Into High Intelligence. Being Too Intelligent?

Quotes from the book “Codes of Intelligence”

"The advantage of being smart is that it makes it easier to be stupid. The contrary is much more difficult". 


“An immense emptiness full of curiosity, questions without answers are being generated from now on, to discover how far our lives in society go.”


“The codes of intelligence, present in man and society, are like two tools for the success of both.”

“Why to continue living in a society that rejects us? Or that we are rejecting ourselves? May we live without society, as many say that some people live on the margins of society? Is that true? 


“We are living in times as if intelligence had never existed. In fact, we do not refer to the multiple intelligence that many authors have already dealt with, such as emotional intelligence, spatial intelligence, musical intelligence, mathematical intelligence, natural intelligence, body intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, linguistic intelligence…..On the contrary, we see intelligence from a systematic perspective….acting with no margin of error.”


How does one come to terms with the world, if their type of intelligence differs widely from others? To not be elitist, and instead find common ground with others. Yet how does the genius with too much intelligence not "dumb themselves down"?

By psychologist, “Pierre Dasney”


Free on KindleUnlimited which has a good share of Amazon’s entire book collection. $10 mo to mo. Paperback $24. If we had time to read front to back : )

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Pastor Fails Quality Report But Strangely Wants Full Payment.

Pastor Demands Money. But Won't Discuss Poor Quality Work Provided

About a pastor who demanded payment after improper services were rendered.  While the pastor started out with great intentions to help the disadvantaged to do work for someone, the quality of services were far below what was promised.  Does a pastor with experience in some field for which services were rendered, have the right to demand money for poor quality work as discovered in the quality report? Can a pastor hide under the label of being a pastor "doing good in the world"?  Why did some pastors and unethical organizations avoid the facts and just demand money?

See Important Disclaimer Below

A Pastor Client Communication On Pastor Refusing Discuss The Facts

Helping The Disadvantaged But Taking Advantage Of Others In The Process? 

We (the client) admire the courage you take to help the disadvantaged. They say that those you help often come back and bite you – something we recently started pondering with others who have had like experiences.  

Demanding Payment Despite The Lack Of Quality In The Quality Report:

Were the quality levels of those you tried to help train in the course of your work, made very clear, then there would have been the question of whether we would have embarked on your projects. Perfection in seeking a great quality report from the provided services or products is a mighty goal better for "God" than man. The greatly troubled embarkation led to our (and likely your team’s) frustration, losses in material, labor, questions about one’s abilities, and management time. 

Are Any Means Justified To Seek A Good End?

Then there’s the strong desire to do what we feel is the right way in your God’s eyes.  To be honest and fair, and not have those we help turn around and bite us. Is the quality of what's provided is secondary?

Common Failure To Look At The Facts Is The Justification Some Organizations Use To Rip People Off. Creating Obstacles So Clients Can't Resolve Issues.

There’s the issue of interpretation of facts (such as calculating losses), disclosures before the embarkation, and willingness to look at our losses without prejudiced eyes.  Man often will look at other’s faults and not their own. If we missed something in discovering the lack of fairness on our part, we wonder why your response was little more than demand for money in Kansas City.

Don't Give Up On Being Good

Keep doing good in the world, though many predatory organizations prey on unsuspecting clients who expected the missing quality. Don't get jaded.

How Will You Respond When Your Provider Failed The Quality Reports?

Important Disclaimer: Any connection with a real person in this abbreviated draft letter are purely coincidental. Everything on this blog is an opinion unless clearly stated other wise. For example, the opinions in this letter are to be interpreted as purely fictional. Lack of quality in reports is subjective.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Evolution Of A Poem About Beauty Found In The Unknown

Discover how this poetic therapy poem evolves in three versions.  Note how the poem let's go of extra words like outer petals to a flower. Innovation Institute offers poets a new way of applying their healing poems for gently nurturing their readers into higher consciousness.

Version One

Gentle Beauty In The Unknown
Growing into the mystery of the yet unknown poetic state of mind.
The blooming flower, gently allows the tightly held outer petals to gently make their way for new perspectives without harsh judgement on the old. The older petals remain attached to the reality without impeding the unknown beauties for experiencing life. The flower shows unlimited ways to softly explore the unknown.

Version Two

Gently Discovering Beauty Without Judgement
Inner beautiful truth blossoms. Releasing outer petals.
Easily evolving naturally, by not judging how it was compared to a how it might become. Blossoming by transcending restrictions of the past and future.

Version Three

Gently Discovering Spiritual Beauty
The tightly held outer flower petals opening. Discovering inner beautiful truth, without judging how it was living before. Beauty in each moment.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Creative Thinkers & Writers Wanted

Join Innovation Institute. Creative Thinkers Wanted To Explore Following Topics
Creativity. Enhancing Flow. Loosening Up.
• Inventor’s mind.
• Being creative without hallucinogens.
• Artists and music composers: Creative process into compassion and self actualization. How it may differ from less actualized artisans.
Why people are afraid to “let go”. Remedies include balancing inner creative liberty with external conformist society controls.
Ways to get “loose” without all the cards falling down. Short loosening exercises.
• Fantasy loosening exercises. Role playing. Learning to feel less stuck in routine thinking and feelings.
Role Cultures Play In Creative Process: Cultural Anthropology
• Transcend 1960’s group think for personal growth:
• Relationships: How gifted people may view relationship responsibilities differently from those that admire their creativity. Dynamics of being non-judgmental with less aware people.
Opening The Mind:
• Expand upon the 1987 bestseller Steve Kays helped write while at University of Chicago.
• How higher education values self preservation of their published works over newer ideas. Solutions.
• Not knowing the unknown.
Mind & Soul:
• Cultural anthropology
• Therapy: Psychology, Sociology, etc.
• Meditation: Innovative rituals adapted for creative souls.
• Stress reduction
Comparing Religions:
• Why buddhism is popular with Jews.
• Zen in the Art of Innovation ™
• How hypnotic rituals release the mind to experience spirituality
Poetry Written To Instill:
• Transcendence
Using feelings of fantasy
• Higher consciousness
• Greater connection with nature
• Compassion and love
Future Cultures:
• Psycho socio dynamics from marijuana based cultures
• AI effect on mental health. Looking at specific inventions from Innovation Institute in robotization, machine learning, psychological behavior analyzers, security systems, etc.
• Redefining: I.Q.
• Role culture plays in mental health.
• Evolutions of “group think”.
• How politics monopolizes the mind, rendering other things less meaningful.
More Topics:
• Composing music and making art. Designed to elicit specific states of mind
– Innovating higher education
• Life work balance
Written Content:
Flexible article lengths and deadlines. Work from anywhere in the world towards making a better planet. People from all backgrounds invited to apply.
• Articles desired for future compendium. For online and bound publication.
• Start with smaller projects. You might write book(s) after starting with articles.
• Some chance of being translated into: French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish
• Article lengths might vary from 1 to 50 pages. Book lengths might be 80 to 200+ pages.
Nature Retreat House With Likeminded Thinkers:
Enjoy our nature house an hour from San Francisco during normal traffic. Enjoy one or more days at a time. Bring likeminded friends. Private rooms and tenting options on five acres nestled in gorgeous valley 15 min from highways 80 and 12 in south Napa.
Your Helpful Background:
Self actualized. Spiritual. Creative intelligence. Possible experience living abroad. Unique talents. Skills for the projects you are applying
Remuneration is negotiable. You need to be flexible and available for meetings during California business hours. Work from anywhere in the world.