Friday, July 22, 2011

Tricky Patent Attorney Tricks To Boost Billings

Beware Of Tricky Patent Attorney Tricks To Boost Billings.

There are countless tricks in the trade.  For example, last minute requests for information or work is a common trick.  When given just a week to respond to a patent office deadline, patent attorney clients can be forced to pay very high fees. Your domestic patent attorney and/or engineer may not have the time or skills to rush a reply.

Tricks in many third world countries can be quite crude. They may even look like a patent attorney extorting money from their clients.

Should you encounter problems with patent attorneys outside your country, consider contacting your embassy in that country.  The US Embassy takes illegal intellectual property actions seriously.

Details on the many tricks patent attorneys play will be coming forth in future Innovation Institute, LLC blogs.

You might have luck processing your foreign patent application filings through Inovia They handle PCT national phase entry, European Validation, and Patent Translations and more. 

Consider including in your agreements a clauses such as:
• All fees must be authorized beforehand.
• Give you as much time as possible to correct and/or reply to patent office actions.
• Have your honest patent attorney draft an agreement which may help protect you.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011