Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Innovating How Electronic Inventions Adapt To Customer Needs. Match user personality with invention functions.

Fit both the invention, with the customer’s personality. Reprogram the invention to match user requirements so you can get along. Or have a model that will learn to adapt automatically. and their affiliated patent applications are world leaders in Adaptation.

Find relevancy. Better adapt for your clients by recognizing their needs.  Match your invention’s abilities, to the user’s preferences. Behavior target marketing will drive your personalization strategy. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gender Stereotypes About Math Develop Even At Second Grade

While math gender stereotypes continue to dissolve, discrimination is still a factor in today's work world.

Studies Show Happier People Tend To Tweet More Often

Social media continues to innovate. As it turns out, Twittering might be good for you. Here's an article from the great UK magazine "New Scientist":

Properly used, Twitter is a great resource on innovation. Make sure to only select worthy twitters and you’ll focus on valuable links and skip the junk.

Twitter with Innovation Institute at Enjoy great tips and innovative news on intellectual property, new gadgets and more.

US Senate Passes Bill To Change US Patent Law

The US Senate just past the resolution to harmonize US patent law with patent laws from other countries.  America is continuing to innovate intellectual property right laws.

The law would consider the person who first filed their invention as the first inventor.  Historically the US and Philippines considered the first to conceive an invention as the possible inventor even if they didn't file the patent application right away.

More on innovating intellectual property rights:

Innovating Advertising By Placing Ads On Roof Tops

Roof Top Ad Innovations

More companies place ads on their roofs.  Google map searchers see these ads if the roofs are big enough.

311 Safety™: Energy Industry Fell Behind Because It Didn't Put Enough Into Innovative Research

Innovation Institute predicts the energy industry will be increasing the money it will put into research and development.  Increased pressure will come from concerns about nuclear safety.  The energy industry's R&D expenses were only around 0.20% of their output.
More on the need for innovative research

In the near future expect innovated 311 Safety™ procedure inventions and patent applications for nuclear safety. 311 Safety™ comes from the March 11 date for Japan's nuclear safety disaster on March 11, 2011.

Nuclear Safety Innovations Moving Forward At Innovation Institute

Innovation Institute is continuing to innovate its nuclear safety inventions. While further details will be forthcoming, Innovation Institute is only saying it is working on patent applications which further innovate Westinghouse's complicated nuclear safety computer procedure patent application below.

The Westinghouse procedure and system has a set of sensors for generating signals representative of a real-time value of a set of facility parameters that indicates various conditions of a process. A server has databases and computer program modules in electrical communication with sensor signals, and provides a server output along a computer network. Westinghouse workstations are connected to the computer network for receiving and displaying the server output, where the server output comprises text and structure of the process. The workstation defines a format in which the output is presented to an operator or other user.

Details on Westinghouse's patent family: US Patent 7813817, WO 2008016409, WO 2008016409, JP 2009537900, EP 2021883, KR 2009009248.

Innovation Institute, LLC's nuclear safety patent applications will incorporate draft suggestions on how to improve nuclear safety related to many different safety patent applications. One of Innovation Institute's main inventors Steven Kays grew up in Tokyo while his father worked for the US Embassy. Steven Kays also spent time in Kiev, Ukraine some years after the world's worst nuclear accident in Chernobyl.

Meanwhile the nuclear safety disaster in Japan continues to get worse. Here's the current update from mid Wednesday 16 March 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

Nuclear Safety Invention Needs Volunteers. Only Requires Basic Technical Aptitude. Telecommute.

Inventor Seeks Volunteers For Nuclear Safety Invention.

Volunteers Only Require Basic Technical Aptitude. Telecommute from home. Zero nuclear background is needed.

Innovation Institute seeks computer programmers to volunteer their general technical skills. The only requirement is that you have a high aptitude for technical concepts in ANY FIELD.  Ideally you have a background in some area of computer software, hardware, general electronics or basic mechanical engineering.

This lower security kindly asks telecommuting volunteers to permit a background check. Innovation Institute is headquartered in Fairfield, California. Radioactive substances are not handled in any way.

Innovation Institute is innovating nuclear safety protocols. Innovation Institute, LLC filed the world’s largest known patent applications on tackling safety issues. Innovation Institute is 30 minutes north east of Berkeley near highway I-80 in Solano County. Their Fairfield office building is at Innovation Institute’s innovative electronic technology is patent pending in over 80 countries. Innovation Institute’s related technology applies to a wide range of fields from cost effective manufacturing to green technology to home health.

Your Work Involves:
• Do interesting patent searches on software and/or electronic inventions outside the field of physics or nuclear science.  Innovation Institute’s inventions are about applying non-nuclear principles to nuclear safety. Hence you do NOT need to be a nuclear specialist to start. Discover how devoid of advances the field really is.
• Use electronic patent resources like
• Incorporate the electronic invention information you discover online into electronic documents. Edit the documents.
• Telecommute from home. 
• Allot yourself maybe at least 15 to 20 hours a week. This takes a minimum of three months. You can continue longer.
• Naturally your name can be mentioned in the upcoming patent application(s).  The work experience can also look good on your resume.

Some of the other inventions from Innovation Institute are at

As we're under staffed, please only contact us if you may be seriously interested in becoming a nuclear safety volunteer. Write to email: ThinkGreen707 ~at~

Steven C. Kays, CEO & Inventor
Innovation Institute, LLC
California Business Center
1652 West Texas Street, Fairfield, California 94533 USA Fax (707) 427-6422

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Will Tomorrow's Adaptive Technology Make Us Dumber?

Five of the world's primary players in developing adaptive software products need to further explore how adaptation can make people dumber.

The field of adaptation, where systems learn user tastes, and adapt products to each user's unique tastes will become an even bigger part of future technology than most of today's futurists may realize.

The world leaders in adaptation include IBM, Microsoft, Google, FaceBook. The largest known and broadest patent applications on adaptations are coming from Innovation Institute's Genius Adaptive Design and other adaptive patent applications.

More on adaptation and making people dumber.

Good innovative quotes about collaboration

Good innovative quotes about collaboration include:

Isaac Newton: "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."

More good innovative quotes about collaboration at:

Triple Damages Against Willful Infringers & Other Innovations To US IP Law?

With the current bill, different US patent laws may change. They also include first to file rules like other countries.

More On Triple Damages On Willful Infringers, Etc.