Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Greater Bay Area's Most Cost Effective Technology Innovation Hub?

What Is The San Francisco Bay Area's Most Cost Effective Technology Innovation Hub?

Central Solano County’s Innovation Hub Is Growing. Move In Condition Houses Can Be Bought For $80K. Lower Taxes. 45 Min From Downtown San Francisco.

The exact midpoint between San Francisco and Sacramento is the growing technology hub in the city of Fairfield.  It’s centered on Fairfield’s West Texas Street near intersecting highways I-80 and highway 12.

The Fairfield Innovation Hub drives the economy and creates jobs.  Inventions from the Fairfield Innovation Hub can be found in all corners of the world. Just google Innovation Institute to discover hundreds of interesting inventions.

Fairfield Innovation Hub Includes The Solano Business Incubator.
The SBI™ Fairfield Incubator Houses Organizations Such As: Invention Springboard™, Barnes Designs™, Fix Fairfield™, Solano Venture Capital™, AIM and Solano Virtual Office™.

County of Solano Economic Development:
No Fairfield City office space capital outlay is required. No long-term Fairfield City office space rental commitments. This reduces the County of Solano entrepreneur’s risks. Fairfield City creative technology startups enjoy less expensive technology hub office suites overhead.

New Fairfield City Jobs:
Fairfield City creative technology startups create County of Solano jobs. Technology hub’s S.B.I. helps Fairfield City creative technology startups conquer new challenges. S.B.I. stimulates County of Solano’s economy by incubating County of Solano’s future employers.

How Does Fairfield’s Business Incubator Help Fairfield Start Ups?

S.B.I. Donates Conference Rooms To County of Solano Charities:
Technology hub’s S.B.I. offers free Solano conference rooms and other help to County of Solano non profits serving Dixon, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun, Vallejo...

Zero Rent Deposit. Free 1st Month Rent. No Credit Check:
The best way to start a business in County of Solano? Creative technology startups pay the first month’s Fairfield City rent on the second month. The Technology hub’s S.B.I. requires no technology hub office suites deposits or Fairfield City move in fees.  No Fairfield City tel and AT&T internet installation fees. Technology hub’s S.B.I. is County of Solano’s less expensive organization is famous for Fairfield City’s no hidden fees for creative technology startups policy.

Best Known County of Solano Copier Prices:
Technology hub’s S.B.I. serves Dixon, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun City, Vacaville and Vallejo.  Napa County is 7 minutes from County of Solano Copy Center. Fairfield City businesses must have a County of Solano services plan.

Optional County of Solano Services County of Solano:
Personalized Fairfield City Receptionist
County of Solano Phone Answering & Voicemail
County of Solano Mail Facility
4¢ Copies: Less expensive copying 4 cents. Color 24¢. Technology hub’s S.B.I.’s County of Solano Copy Center™
High Speed County of Solano Internet
Fax 60 cents
County of Solano Notary Service
Start-Up Consulting
Website Help County of Solano Technology hub’s S.B.I.
Real Fairfield City Street Address. No Fairfield City PO Boxes.

Live County of Solano Tel Answering Service:
Fairfield City creative technology startups control incoming calls. Technology hub’s S.B.I. patches calls to your cell or home in Dixon, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun, Vacaville and Vallejo, plus nearby Napa and Yolo Counties.

County of Solano Conference Rooms Used By For Profits:
Instead of meeting at some County of Solano coffee shop,  meet County of Solano clients in an impressive Fairfield conference room. Do you need a Fairfield office space occasionally or everyday? Considering working from your Fairfield City home? The Fairfield Virtual Office offers the cost effective competitive edge.

Technology hub’s S.B.I. Beats Fairfield City Coffee Shops:
Creative technology startups skip Fairfield City coffee shops and instead impress County of Solano clients thru Technology hub’s S.B.I..

Shoe String Fairfield City Start Up Budgets: Fairfield City start ups save costs by working from home and using Solano Virtual Office. The virtual office is the cost effect alternative to renting full time Fairfield City office suites. Instead www.SolanoVirtualOffice.Com costs seventy five dollars/mo.

Free Fairfield City Business Classes:
• Free County of Solano Workshops. Seminars Are Hosted By:
Innovation Institute, Solano Business Incubator & Fairfield City Tax Accountants.

Types Of Free Business Classes For The North Bay & East Bay:
• Learn about: starting your Fairfield City business; accounting practices; promoting your Fairfield City business locally or throughout California, the US and the world.
• Creativity Seminars: Classes on how to increase your creativity. Learn how to springboard your Fairfield City electronic invention.
• Ethics in government & business: Politics of innovation. Ethics in business. More..!

Fairfield’s West Texas Street is the gateway to the downtown and modern county capital building. Technology hub’s S.B.I. is part of Solano Business Incubator at www.NearI80.Com near intersecting highways 80, 12 and 680 in Fairfield, California 94533.

There’s talk about renaming Fairfield’s West Texas Street sign on highway I-80 to Innovation Avenue.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Free Help Protects City Bus Services. Transportation Companies Are Being Sued For Patent Infringement. Innovation Institute Might Invalidate The Patents That Are The Source Of The Law Suits

Are The Alleged Patents Valid? If The Bus System Patents Are Held Invalid Cities Might Be Free From The Patent Law Suits

Innovation Institute developed many bus tracking system inventions since the 1990's.  It appears Innovation Institute may have been the earlier inventor. By establishing that Innovation Institute's inventor Steven Kays was the first to invent, the plaintiffs suing local cities may not have a legal case.

Innovation Institute's transportation tracking patent applications were filed for over 80 countries.

To win the patent cases, one needs to first look for inventions that were invented before the plaintiff alleges they conceived the inventions. This is done by studying the portfolio of related inventions managed by Innovation Institute, LLC in Fairfield, California.

How Can Cities Protect Themselves From The Law Suits? Steps In Protecting City Transportation Companies From Patent Law Suits Might Include:

1: Check out the interesting inventions from Innovation Institute:
• Technologists can study Innovation Institute's provisional patent rights for the transportation systems.
• Learn about the inventions by using the key word tools at www.InventionMachine.Biz. It's free to look. This is a copy of the patent applications filed in 2006. It may take 15 or more minutes to learn how to use the database functions but it’s worth the time invested.

2: What To Look For:
• Enter needed search terms with wild cards. The “*” symbol attracts words beginning with “track” like “tracking”. Start searching with these terms:
track*, predict*, rout* (for route), buses, cars, vehicle*, travel*, package*, cargo*, passenger*.

3: Bus Invention Machine™ pops out what is available: What pops out are inventions relating to transportation tracking systems. Adaptive Tracking™ can predict when and where a vehicle, passenger or cargo will be arriving. 

4: Compile the interesting transportation tracking invention descriptions needed. How? Copy and paste the paragraphs describing related technology from the 2006 "Genius Adaptive Design" PCT patent application.  The contents are not copyrighted for those helping protect city governments.

Your goal: Show which plaintiff patents might be invalidated by the earlier patent filings managed by Innovation Institute LLC’s provisional patent rights.

Adaptive Matrix™ is the tool that integrates the different sentences and paragraphs from the “Genius Adaptive Design” patent application.  The Adaptive Matrix™ was improved in unpublished patent applications filed after 2006, along with the transportation tracking technology.

Innovation Institute's provisional patent rights date from the 1990's. Evidence of invention conception dates includes the US Patent Office’s old “Documentation Disclosure Program”. The patent application filing process for this technology however dates started January 5, 2006. NothingWarranted.Com

Innovation Institute filed the world's largest known patent applications in transportation, tracking systems.

Innovation Institute can't warrant anything but contact Innovation Institute in Fairfield, California. Help keep public bus systems alive and well, while reducing carbon gases. (1) 707 428-5000.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Thief Sells DuPont Secrets To Chinese Company - California Court Case Unravels Intellectual Property Theft

A DuPont thief and scientist stole company secrets.  DuPont thief and scientist Tze Chao pleaded guilty selling intellectual property secrets to a Chinese company.
The San Francisco federal court heard DuPont thief and scientist Tze Chao say they stole and stold DuPont's titanium dioxide secret process to Pangang Group Company.
DuPont thief and scientist Tze Chao knew the valuable titanium dioxide secrets were eagerly sought by the Chinese Pangang Group Company. The intellectual property secrets surpass a less efficient and more environmentally harmful chemical production method.
Chinese Pangang Group Company conspired the intellectual property theft with Tze Chao, and an Oakland consulting company, USA Performance Technology. Walter and Christina Liew who appear to own USA Performance Technology appear to have received US$30 million.
Read About Thief Sells DuPont Secrets To Chinese Company - California Court Case Unravels Intellectual Property Theft: