Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New iPhone 5S Innovation

September of 2013 will see Apple's new iPhone 5S

Apple's new iPhone 5S will be in a variety of colors

Apple's iPhone 5S innovation will have new features and hardware. This includes a quad-core Apple A7 chip and 2GB of RAM to handle a massive amount of internet data. Apple's new iPhone 5S's A7 processor will also go into the new iPad 4.

The A7 chip is the fourth-generation iPad's PowerVR quad-core SGX554MP4 graphics processor. The innovation upgrades gaming possibilities for the smart phone, but also decreasing battery life.

Improvements include things like face recognition; plus password "patterns" or "gestures".
Here you just draw your password to unlock your phone.

These are the speculations for the upcoming Apple's new iPhone 5S.  Check in future with on the Apple's new iPhone 5S.