Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Pastor Fails Quality Report But Strangely Wants Full Payment.

Pastor Demands Money. But Won't Discuss Poor Quality Work Provided

About a pastor who demanded payment after improper services were rendered.  While the pastor started out with great intentions to help the disadvantaged to do work for someone, the quality of services were far below what was promised.  Does a pastor with experience in some field for which services were rendered, have the right to demand money for poor quality work as discovered in the quality report? Can a pastor hide under the label of being a pastor "doing good in the world"?  Why did some pastors and unethical organizations avoid the facts and just demand money?

See Important Disclaimer Below

A Pastor Client Communication On Pastor Refusing Discuss The Facts

Helping The Disadvantaged But Taking Advantage Of Others In The Process? 

We (the client) admire the courage you take to help the disadvantaged. They say that those you help often come back and bite you – something we recently started pondering with others who have had like experiences.  

Demanding Payment Despite The Lack Of Quality In The Quality Report:

Were the quality levels of those you tried to help train in the course of your work, made very clear, then there would have been the question of whether we would have embarked on your projects. Perfection in seeking a great quality report from the provided services or products is a mighty goal better for "God" than man. The greatly troubled embarkation led to our (and likely your team’s) frustration, losses in material, labor, questions about one’s abilities, and management time. 

Are Any Means Justified To Seek A Good End?

Then there’s the strong desire to do what we feel is the right way in your God’s eyes.  To be honest and fair, and not have those we help turn around and bite us. Is the quality of what's provided is secondary?

Common Failure To Look At The Facts Is The Justification Some Organizations Use To Rip People Off. Creating Obstacles So Clients Can't Resolve Issues.

There’s the issue of interpretation of facts (such as calculating losses), disclosures before the embarkation, and willingness to look at our losses without prejudiced eyes.  Man often will look at other’s faults and not their own. If we missed something in discovering the lack of fairness on our part, we wonder why your response was little more than demand for money in Kansas City.

Don't Give Up On Being Good

Keep doing good in the world, though many predatory organizations prey on unsuspecting clients who expected the missing quality. Don't get jaded.

How Will You Respond When Your Provider Failed The Quality Reports?

Important Disclaimer: Any connection with a real person in this abbreviated draft letter are purely coincidental. Everything on this blog is an opinion unless clearly stated other wise. For example, the opinions in this letter are to be interpreted as purely fictional. Lack of quality in reports is subjective.

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