Saturday, September 15, 2012

Economic Effect From Poor Search Tools. Easier Ways To Search Patents Needed.

The World Economic Effect From Inefficient Or Costly Online Search Tools Is Huge. For Example, We Need Easier Ways To Search Patent Databases.

Currently, the best known patent search tool might be the Derwent World Patent Index from West Law.     Most inventors are limited to inefficient search tools that are freely offered from sites sponsored the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO, the European and US patent offices, etc.  But their interfaces are hard to use.

Patent abstracts are often worded in convoluted ways making them harder to read. Searching through thousands of convoluted patent abstracts is largely solved by Derwent.  Luckily Derwent World Patent Index from West Law has nicely created new abstracts written in easier to understand terms.

Learn more about free patent search tools if you can't afford Derwent World Patent Index DWPI from West Law.  Visit and begin learning about electronic patent rights and other intellectual property matters as well.

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