Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Innovation Institute Studying In Fairfield California

Innovation Institute studies how the workplace in future flexible office spaces for rent may be re-invented. It looks into office equipment technology and related bells and whistles.

Other factors and Innovation Institute inventions that are being researched include:
. Demographic factors
. City Planning: how city planning directs commercial real estate development to wealthier areas, while neglecting older parts of town. Innovation Institute's 20 year study goes into much detail.  One example is how a historic downtown in the greater San Francisco was superficially upgraded to keep voters happy, but they renamed an area of raw land the new Business Center.  They even gave the new business heart the name "Business Center Drive" at with many new companies building, buying or renting office space, while the heart of the old town www.HeartOfFairfield.Net languishes from neglect.
. Technological forecasting and future studies as they interrelate with social, real estate political dynamics, and environmental plus technological factors. 

Innovation Institute has over 1,000 pages of details.

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