Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Outsource Patent Filings

Smart & Affordable International Filing Service:
Inovia IP www.Inovia.com is an excellent resource. Compare your future technology patent attorney’s int’l filing fees with Inovia’s. You’ll need an honest electronic innovation patent lawyer to interface with Inovia. Or ask Inovia to recommend electronic innovation patent lawyers. Maybe outsource your work to more affordable Australia, New Zealand or South Africa? Call Innovation Institute, LLC if you can by chance find a better world patent filing service than Inovia.

Outsource Patent Filings To Native English Speakers: 
Lower living costs overseas can cut your electronic innovation filing costs. Electronic innovation patent lawyers might have stronger skills than your current advanced computer patent lawyers. Ask about foreign electronic innovation filing licenses.

Australia advanced computer patent help: www.ShelstonIP.com +61 2 9777 1111

New Zealand electronic innovation patent help. www.PiperPat.com
 +64 9-919 9450

South Africa future technology patent help: www.Bowman.co.za
 +27 11 669 9000

Israel electronic innovation intellectual property www.eitanmehulal.com

Major Countries In Which To Get Electronic Patent Right Coverage

China & Taiwan – Price Waterhouse Coopers affiliate patent office. www.tw.pwc.com  Innovation Institute predicts stronger Chinese electronic innovation patent enforcement in coming years.

Japan www.KIPB.Net Might file your completed future technology patent application for less than your future technology patent lawyer?

European electronic innovation patent filings www.Beetz.com Brilliant expensive German patent strategists. +27 11 669 9000

Inovia IP www.InoviaIP.com handles more countries for your advanced computer electronic patent right protection coverage.

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