Saturday, August 6, 2011

Innovation Institute To Promote Artistic Inventions

Innovation Institute, LLC is looking to promote its artistic inventions. A portion of the creativity tool inventions will be available from Innovation Institute.  Manufacturers are being sought for the other creative invention concepts. 

Details on the creativity tool inventions remain confidential. However Innovation Institute says their creative tools will help a broad spectrum of creative people. Future users range from artists, to musicians, and creative writers to computer users. Many of the inventions are electronic. A healthy portion of the inventions are highly adaptive, and intuitively customize themselves to each user’s unique needs. 

There is even an artistic therapy invention helping former criminals improve their level of ethics. The forms of punishment for users not rehabilitating themselves needs more work.

Non profits helping rehabilitate adults are invited to receive exclusive patent rights for a portion of the inventions with zero royalty payments for over 10 years. The copyright free license agreements can be downloaded from - feel free to share the lease agreement with potential charity licensees of said inventions. Fax inquiries along with a copy of your non profit entity status to: Charity Art License, Innovation Institute, LLC, Fax 1.707.427.6422.

Hints about the creative inventions are in the published patent applications. The patent applications however require sophisticated patent attorneys or engineers, as Innovation Institute has invented a new invention language.

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