Sunday, October 23, 2011

Top Free Innovation Institute Tools: Invention Generation Machine, Predictions, Patent Rights Tools, Economic Development

Top Free Inventor Tools From Innovation Institute, LLC

Free Invention Machine™:
Patent attorneys and patent searchers can use the inventor's Adaptive Invention Machine™ tool's electronics database www.InventionMachine.Biz

Free Innovation Predictions, Trends & Invention News:
Visit ElectronicsInnovationInstitute.Com

Free Electronic Patent Rights Tools:
Top links to start learning about intellectual property rights Search patent databases

Free Economic Development Help
Create jobs in your city by researching, developing or manufacturing inventions. A portion of all royalties in your country can go to the government or non-profit organization that helps create jobs. Consider one of the inventions at for development.

Free Creativity Enhancement Ideas:
For gifted people who are too creative for much of society. Learn to adapt creative intelligence to current market needs. Reduce people’s fears by staying loyal and ethical.  Keep a light sense of humor. The upcoming revised Politics Of Innovation™ and Innovation Institute™software tools developed at University of Chicago in 1981 can also help.

• Inter-Disciplinary Views On Innovation:
• Quotes About Innovation:
• Brainstorm Rights:
• Top news and predictions on future innovations. Solutions for today and tomorrow. Technology and beyond.
Share profits with your city’s government, NGO or innovative charity.

• Nothing is warranted: The free electronic tools are beta are being brainstormed for improvement and may have electronic patent rights
• Depending on the user and charitable need, the following can be free to certain applicants:
Patent pending Innovation Institute LLC inventions in electronics;
Novelty IQ Test™; Innovation Institute™ computer based training; electronic R&D results.

Enjoy Free Innovation Institute Electronics Resources


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