Sunday, October 30, 2011

Adaptation: Best Free Adaptive Technology Links

Best Links On Adaptive Technology
Trends & Future On Adaptive Electronics

Your Future Virtual Assistant. She Will Learn Your Needs & Adapt Accordingly.

Adaptive technology is revolutionizing electronics.  Adaptive electronics will soon be acting just like your skilled private assistant.

Adaptive User Interface™ learns user needs, then personalize themselves to match user needs.

Free Online Adaptive Tools:
• Free Electronics Tools On Adaptation, Trends, etc www.FreeInnovationInstitute.Com
• For Inventors, Electronic Patent Searchers & Patent Attorneys: Adaptive Invention Machine™ www.InventionMachine.Biz. 
• Adaptive Invention Machine™ and Adaptive Marix™ stem from the raw version of the biggest published patent application on adaptation

New Electronic Technology Mostly Written For Lay People: www.ElectronicInnovationInstitute.Com


Electronic Patent Rights In General:

Sample Adaptive Inventions:

Increasing creative thinking skills for inventors tinkering with adaptive inventions:
• Philosophy of creative thinking, and adapting inventions to market needs. Politics of innovation. www.MagicalGenius.Org
• “Closing of the American Mind” 1987’s best seller conceived by Steven Kays. Publisher: Simon & Schuster.
• Creative results statistically go up when it’s safe to think without repercussions.  Self censorship inhibits free flowing imagination.  Trying to make it safer for brainstorming on this and linked sites: and Ask what safety precautions you instill within your innovative organization.

Prolific Inventor Of Adaptive Electronics:
Steven Kays has the world’s most known adaptive electronic inventions & adaptive technology patent applications. IBM, Microsoft, Apple and thousands of other electronic manufacturers may be using Steven Kays’ inventions conceived since the 1990’s. Follow what inventor Kays and Innovation Institute, LLC are reading and sharing.

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