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Beta Material Is Not Guaranteed:
• No implied warranty on anything that is beta.
• Nothing is 100% certain. 
• Brainstorming: This site and links are for brainstorming, and exploring beta ideas.
• Presume material is beta unless expressly stated otherwise. Even material on links that suggest it’s not beta does not mean it was checked for accuracy.
• Expect errors. Mistakes may or may not be noticed by you or your advisors.

Perpetual Beta: The linked material may be in perpetual beta. That is new info might be continually added without establishing a firm "final" release. Goal can be to initiate creative brainstorming. See BrainstormingRights.Com

Authorized Site Linked You Here?
Were you directed to this page from another authorized site?  This warning as to the beta status of the linking site applies to authorized sites linking to this page.

Beta Content:
Material may not have been verified or edited. Goal is to provide ideas to stimulate your creative thinking. 

Don't Tell Others A Stated Opinion Is Fact:
Draft material and creative discussions on a matter are opinions. Don't start a gossip rumor mill. Do not state such beta content you may have read or heard is fact when in fact when it's an opinion.  Even facts given to a situation may not be all the facts.  In other words don't slander (speak harmful things to others), nor commit libel (write ideas as fact when not fully proven).

Investors Beware:
• Be careful before investing money or time.
• Beware Of Manipulators & Other Crooks:
If the ideas in authorized sites pass your tests, beware of others who may see defects therein but not warn you. They may seek to charge you consulting or other fees.  The types of games they could play are not limited to those explained at, and
• No agreements are made except via notarized contracts. There are no spoken promises and no spoken warranties.

Boost Your Critical and Creative Thinking
• Brainstorming creative thinkers and inventors need to be protected from liability.  This encourages innovation. 
•  Let whatever ideas come up flourish. It is the reader’s responsibility to then filter good from bad information, business ideas, safety precautions, innovations, inventions, etc.
• Worrying about liability while brainstorming is proven to often reduce people’s degrees of original thinking. Studies show this applies more to brainstorming about non-safety topics and when there’s less of a deadline.

More about beta and non-liability is explained at NothingWarranted.Net. Thank you for being open-minded about evaluating the beta content.

Please don’t post links to this page without AIM’s written authorization.

Be careful, any unauthorized links to this page are not affiliated with AIM™. This page is managed and owned by AIM™ division of LicenseItToday.Com, LLC. AIM manages web sites for different organizations. For errors kindly fax complete details to 707 427-6473. You must include: 1. List the web site address having the error. Include the full url (complete web link and not just the home page link). 2. Clearly point where on the page the error is located.  3. Factually explain what is an error and why.  4. Your identity and contact information, so AIM knows you’re a real person. 5. Any other information that might be pertinent. Thank You.

• Consult an attorney and business consultant before embarking a new path.
• Any legal matters shall be handled through mediation, then if needed the American Arbitration Association in Solano County, California. Solano County, California laws apply. Any aspect of this disclaimer not held in court shall not invalidate the rest of the disclaimer.
• All agreements must be notarized.

Blog Subscriptions:
Printed blog subscriptions to authorized blogs pointing here are available. Costs run over US$100 a year. Prices differ by publication. Fax subscription inquiries to 707 427-6476.

Links About Beta And Beta Testing:
Not necessarily about sites linking here.
• Research: Also search under innovation, innovating, draft version, beta, beta testing and perpetual beta.

More Disclaimer Details:
For additional warnings and disclaimers on the authorized websites linking to this page, please visit:
NothingWarranted.Com and BrainstormingRights.Com and TMdisclaimers.Com and BlogDisclaimers.Com. Plus use common sense.

As In Other Parts Of The World, Don’t Rely On Beta Research And Brainstorming


  1. Be Smart. Check It Out Before Relying On Beta Material.

  2. Unique Way To Cover Disclaimers?

    The include web sites with their current and future content are like an evolving disclaimer. Check back to his and other sites for updates. Updates may cover past, current and future events.This includes, plus along with and links within said sites.

    One's attorneys may at first giggle the novel liability reduction strategy attempts via said sites. Smarter ones may see their benefits which exceed the need for brevity by making disclaimers a link versus the full contents in written material. Said full contents clutter the text. There may be more to these disclaimers and warnings than the naked eye may notice. Wow that’s pretty intense huh ;).

    Posted by one of the blog administrators. Peace!