Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Political Retaliation

Political Retaliation Indirectly Results In Sending Thousands Of Clean Technology Jobs To Asia.
California Tax Dollars Were Unfortunately Used To Support Political Retaliation.

The California state legislature has now made it harder to retaliate against one's political opponents using tax dollars. They finally listened to high tech companies including Innovation Institute.  Although Innovation Institute would have required stronger ethic checks, versus pretty much dismantling the redevelopment agency all together.

Jobs Should Come Before Politics

With recent changes from the state legislature, it will be harder for city government cronies to use California tax dollars in less than fair ways.  The loss of state redevelopment funds (while unfortunate) has a silver lining.

In the past, said redevelopment dollars were used to develop projects that pushed out businesses not holding to the local city's "party line". That is, if your thoughts were too innovative (read too threatening), they tried to push you out.

It is hard to believe some people in local government ignored the warnings from others in local government to cease and desist such ruinous activity. Details of the shell game are at www.PoliticalRetaliation.Com, www.PoliticalRetaliation.Net and www.PoliticalRetaliation.Org.

The biggest losers are today's unemployed tech savvy citizens who saw their clean California manufacturing jobs exported.  For example, Solano County in the state senator Lois Wolk's voter district lost thousands of jobs this way.

Good news is people are standing up to the dog and pony show www.DogPonyShow.org clown game that diverted hundreds of millions of dollars to the pockets of the less than worthy. Billions were spent statewide.

More interesting news in the commentaries. Post your views on unfair political practices, or fax them to Innovation Institute, LLC's Innovation Institute Blog at 707 427-6477. Your postings should immediately show up for others to read.


  1. It has been suggested California state senator Lois Wolk might have played favorites in other parts of her duties. Yet she did eventually do something about redevelopment funds going to assist political favoritism.

    Sadly, much needed redevelopment projects and their paid studies may never get needed funding.

    A better solution might be to place tighter ethics guidelines on how cities give out tax dollars. Then the more needed projects will get the needed attention. Those with the stronger political bases may not however like this idea. So now the legislature wants to simply abolish most of the program instead?

  2. More political harassment evidenced in the commentaries to a much needed invention that would help local farmers:


  3. Why can they be so crazy to retaliate?

    Think Green 707

  4. Politics often become psychologically very unhealthy. Too much stems from creed at the expense of others.

  5. Interesting to dig deeper here.

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