Sunday, October 30, 2011

Politics Of Innovation

Politics Of Innovation

What's more important? The first or second point?
• 1: The innovative concept.
• 2: Using the politics of innovation to bypass people's fears of change to great solutions?

Politics can kill innovation when inventors don’t adapt. The chances of politics killing you’re an innovative solution or invention is very high.

Take the creative challenge of adapting your solutions to the mind sets of your audience. While you may not be fully able to adapt, use your honesty and loyalty to show that others may not fear your needed solutions.

Politics Of Innovation Is About Adapting & Growing

• Like in biology, non adaptive inventors have a harder time.
• Most Of The World Won’t Understand All The Benefits Of The Best Solutions Even When They Are Handed It Right Into Their Hands.  Fear, Miss-understanding & More Are The Problems. Why Successful Innovators Adjust To Market Forces To Nurture Their Innovative Ideas.
• Benefits of an invention may outweigh the non adaptive factors of an invention.  But why not adapt things as best you can?

Politics Of Innovation Group:
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Was started by Steven Kays who conceived 1987’s best seller “Closing of the American Mind” at University of Chicago with political scient philosopher Allen Bloom.

Philosophy of Creative Thinking - Transcend Culturally Bound Thought Patterns: www.MagicalGenius.Org is for inventors, artists and creative minds who enjoy out of the box poetic and philosophical reflections on what makes people conform and what makes them think outside the box.

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  1. Can anyone be truly open minded to everything? HIstory shows that closed mindedness may be the biggest factor that slows down needed innovations.

  2. Too many people "pollute" needed dialog on innovation. They use crafty language to ridicule innovative ideas. While such rhetorical devices, such as "what you know solved all the world's problems" simply pollute dialog with statements that do nothing to move the conversation forward.

    More on such polluting dialog at:

  3. When things get bad, you have to deal with political retaliation. Being known as being too nice, can result in what is commonly called political retaliation.

    Example: www.FixFairfield.Org

    Also See:

    PoliticalRetaliation.Com plus PoliticalRetaliation.Net and PoliticalRetaliation.Org.

  4. For those happen to feel the organization lacks enough imagination to see things out of the box, visit www.MagicalGenius.Org for ideas.

    Also check out

  5. Any public to private conversion should seriously try to offer the private jobs to the existing public employees having experience with the facility. Give them a fair chance instead of blaming government for everything. The politics of innovation is about making needed changes without just throwing everything out and starting with the new. Otherwise the fear of change is too strong and people won't embrace innovation. Give it a chance. Steven Kays

  6. Too much selfishness. Time for needed change. Not to keep things as they were.

    1. Focusing on the positive and what's good for more people.