Thursday, July 25, 2013

Free Patent Rights: Socially Responsible Help

Free patent rights are available to worthy causes.  Free inventions are given to help the world. It's the way for inventors to be socially responsible.

The bulk of the work and risk is taking the invention idea, and turning it into a viable product or system.  Worthy causes need all the help they can get.  The free patent rights springboards charitable organizations to the next level.

With Innovation Institute, LLC offers many inventions without charge to good companies.  Free patent rights are a great way to coax organizations into good corporate behavior.

Steven Kays filed the world's largest known patent applications in world history.  These inventions can be made available to one's with worthy causes.  Example good causes justifying the royalty free inventions are explored at

Research how to use patents for improving the world.  Related subjects to search include: leverage, corporate good, corporate behavior, help the world, or help the planet.

It's time more inventors used "patent leverage" to coax organizations into ethical behavior.

Interesting Links On Free Patent Rights & Using Patents As Leverage: They provide background information for the inventor researching how to give away free patents. Too little is written about changing the world by giving away free intellectual property.

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  3. Searching simply free patent rights has so far brought up the most relevant information. Those with better ideas are encouraged to share them. Thank you for helping make our planet a better place.