Sunday, August 19, 2012

Great Links On Political Innovation

Interesting links on political innovation:

Top 30 most innovation friendly countries

Designing Environment Policy

Does China have a friendly side to innovation? Unlike western skeptical stereotypes of China, the country continues to profit from innovative business practices. Yes they practice censorship yet here's another view. China to attract overseas Chinese with more innovation-friendly approach

The innovation friendly organization

Government Needs To Embrace Innovation

Fear Of Change.

The current issue from the Economist.Com describes how some insulated local government agencies fear to embrace creative solutions to our economic problems.

Great links on the process of change in a less than creative environment

Here are more great links that help shed light on the process of innovation in business and government.

The Economist magazine is also an excellent resource. They key point is working together.

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Politics of Innovation group was started by Steve C Kays who earlier conceived 1987’s best seller “Closing of the American Mind”. It's all about not scaring government officials.  But if the officials refuse to budge despite the needed evidence for change, consider giving them time to adjust.  Failing that, then other measures need to be adopted.

Local cities should look to innovative thinkers such as Merkel who leads Germany, along with Thatcher, Obama and many others. Though no leader is perfect, some simply cannot embrace innovation regardless of the losses coming from what has shown not to work.