Sunday, September 25, 2011

Americans Brainstorm More Than Europeans? Creativity Study.

Might Americans Brainstorm More Than Its Fellow Europeans? Is The US 15 Times More Creative Than Europe When It Comes To Brainstorming?

Is The US Really Fifteen Times More Creative Than Europe When It Comes To "Brainstorming"?

This interesting trademark discovery happened when Innovation Institute searched if it could get a trademark for Brainstorm Rights.

A quick search for trademarks in the EU and US had an interesting finding. 

The EU and US trademark offices show the US filed 76 trademarks using the word "brainstorm", while the European Union filed only 5 so far. From only this perspective the American culture might be construed as valuing the culture of brainstorming 15.6 times more than the EU.

Innovation Institute's work developing inventions in the US, Europe, Japan and other countries has been positive. However, where are you more likely to receive criticism for a new invention before it gets's launched? The US or Europe? 

Unfortunately many Americans are viewed by Europeans as less reliable, and more flaky (based on numerous studies conducted by Innovation Institute since 1984). Because Americans may have less roots, are they less inhibited to question established practices? European culture statistically has been found to work more towards maintaining the old ways, hence the common ten critical questions an inventor often faces in Europe before they get done incubating their invention.  However are Americans often too polite when someone has an idea the listener guesses has not chance of success? This and linked blogs brainstorm roles culture play in creative thinking. Check out the role culture plays in creative thinking at
Statistics are limiting. Every culture has many people who don't fit into the statistical findings.

The short study of brainstorm trademarks looks only at trademarks using the term brainstorm, and which are registered on the broader US and EU levels. Local offices have their own trademarks. Trademarks in specific EU country and US state markets were not included from Innovation Institute, LLC’s trademark study.

Note, trademarks don't need to be registered to have intellectual property rights. Pending registered trademarks might not get published on government sites.

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Remember charming Europe is a great place to visit and live. Everyone is unique, though largely influenced by the cultures in which they grew up and now live.

There are many other ways to measure creativity, such as the number of patents filed.  Europe and the US both do very well.  But brainstorming and the number of innovative articles coming from EU and US institutes are different. Steven Kays, the coiner of Brainstorming Rights™ follows and shares many innovative articles on a wide range of topics published in English at  Taking into account rough guesses on the high percentage of small European country writers who publish in English, it seems the US, and California’s greater San Francisco Bay Area, more specifically are more open minded to brainstorming innovative ideas. Steven Kays’ mother was born in Berlin and comes from a long line of inventors. Kays was raised mostly in Tokyo while his father worked for USIA (US Information Agency). Kays loves Europe and finds California more conducive to innovative business start ups which is why he owns his 80 suite business incubator at

Europeans doing business in California could benefit from a study on their open-mindedness.  It’s guessed they and other foreigners in California might be more innovative than fellow California innovators were it easily tracked and measured.  Who is leading the world’s innovations? Google the role culture plays in creative thinking. Then ask if American culture supports Brainstorming More Than European culture.

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