Sunday, September 25, 2011

When Did Innovation Institute Start Researching The Creative Thinking Process?

Innovation Institute started in the 1970's.

Innovation Institute was formerly known as Japan America Institute until 1984. It researched creativity in culture while founder Steven Kays was living in Tokyo's Roppongi district from 1977 thru 1979. Steven Kays helped write 1987's number 1 US best seller "Closing of the American Mind" in the early 1980's with professor Allan Bloom. "Closing of the American Mind" was published in 1987. Earlier books via Allan Bloom were also developed with other co-writers even if they weren't always mentioned fully by name.

Numerous artists and other creative people were studied in New York City and Hawaii through most of the 1980's when it was called Innovation Institute, Inc.
In 1991, Innovation Institute’s studies at its Bethesda, Maryland, USA office on East-West Highway confirmed many of Steven Kays’ theories from the 1980’s.  Further studies on the role culture plays in the creative process were carried out around the world (mostly in Europe and Japan).

Innovation Institute also set up the largest known east - west electronic research program behind the former iron curtain in Europe. It worked closely with their top universities including St. Petersburg State Technical University.

Don't be fooled by other organizations trying to emulate Innovation Institute's trade name or inventions. Extensive research by Innovation Institute and hired trade mark searchers suggests Innovation Institute was the first and only Innovation Institute. Anyone can check into this by researching old business directories such as those from Gale Publishing, and corporate filing papers. Numerous European engineers were robbed by rich country electronic manufacturers who failed to pay fair royalties for years of hard work and no reward. However Innovation Institute is working to correct such illegal intellectual property crimes against those who actually did infringe electronic patent rights. Determining first to invent or first to file gets complicated as Innovation Institute and its affiliates filed the world largest known patent applications since Jan 2006. Alleged infringement is brainstorming and not fact until the electronics infringement is proven guilty.

Earlier this decade, Innovation Institute established its standard electronic invention license agreement process at
Innovation Institute's work took place in Silicon Valley and the greater San Francisco Bay Area since the early 1990's where it is now headquartered 7 minutes from Napa, and 4 minutes from San Francisco Bay in Fairfield, California.

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