Friday, September 23, 2011

Old Boy AIDS Research Network Hording AIDS R&D Funds?

To This Day The Established AIDS Research Network Seems To Be Hording AIDS R&D Funds. AIDS researchers outside the old boy AIDS research network such as in Eastern Europe, the Philippines and elsewhere can work for a fraction of US and European salaries. 
Innovation Institute piloted a study on the old boy AIDS research network in the 1990's and hasn't seen enough change since then. The old boy AIDS research network was keeping out non western researchers who could live better in their low cost countries on small wages, than costly US and European researchers. What about AIDS lobby groups?

This applies to many other areas of medical research. Old boy medical R&D groups are too powerful. R&D is about sharing ideas and growing. Greediness inhibits innovation. Can't the heads of old boy AIDS research groups learn to say drive a Prius instead of a mercedes?

AIDS research and other revolutionary research programs, the niche cultures get very insulated. International AIDS research from Innovation Institute, LLC got zero government or NGO help when Innovation Institute offered without charge to use PhD researchers from countries with much lower salary levels.  Private individuals had to step in. It was a well known fact that AIDS research leaders wanted to keep AIDS research money within their country and preferably within their old boy AIDS network.

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