Thursday, April 26, 2012

Issues When Seeking Copyright Free Images

Unexpected Issues Copyright Free Image Databases May Come With.  

Web promotors often entice visitors with copyright free pictures. But in reality there's switch and bait marketing of free pictures, or other obstacles.  Here is a list of concerns that may elucidate the tricks of the trade in offering "free" non copyright restricted pictures:
• Animated pix database with limited real life images
• Few if any real people pix
• Annual renewal fees to access the copyright free database (but this is doable)
• Bad reviews about the seller
• Credit had to be given to the creator (completely legit from the artists perspective but awkward to add credits when pix used in documents, twitter, etc.
• Databases offering copyright free images usually mixed them with paid pix.  You have to thumb thru paid and free pictures wasting time.  The best pictures were not copyright free.

There are other issues as well.  Check with a copyright attorney.  Read the fine print on how the purportedly free pictures in reality come with different types of copyright restrictions. Nothing is warranted www.NothingWarranted.Net. Best to maybe buy a large free images database.

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