Saturday, April 21, 2012

Price Waterhouse Coopers & Innovation Institute ™ On Venture Capital

To the surprise of many, venture capital is actually down after 2012's first quarter. Price Waterhouse Coopers says something like 750+ companies received about US$5.75 billion. This is about a 10 to 12 percent drop from 2011's first quarter.

Innovative California companies got over $3 billion in VC.

Meanwhile innovations in life sciences and green clean technology sectors experienced drops in VC.

Innovation Institute ™ predictions are that Price Waterhouse Coopers will come out with increases in venture capital funding for green tech especially with the Fukushima nuclear safety disasters. Price Waterhouse Coopers may find that Nuclear Safety Innovation Institute ™ inventions are not enough to curb the dangers of nuclear energy.  Innovation Institute advices investors to put more VC into green technology for long term rewards.

Innovation Institute predicts Splunk ™ "might" also be a big winner. Wall Street Journal said, "Splunk set out to build a Google for machine data—essentially a search engine for all the data that servers, network switches and any device such as smartphones with a processor spits out when those devices are in use."

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