Sunday, May 1, 2011

IBM Infringing Innovation Institute's Trademark & Inventions?

Is IBM infringing both Innovation Institute's trademark and Innovation Institute's inventions? IBM and Innovation Institute, LLC opened communications on possible IBM - Innovation Institute infringements. Innovation Institute remains hopeful.

IBM Innovation Institute Trademark Infringement?
• For some reason IBM is using "Innovation Institute" throughout their websites, and organization names. Innovation Institute is mixed with other terms too.  For example over 900 hits came up today on a search engine when one sought: "IBM Innovation Institute".
• As Innovation Institute does business worldwide, this is an international trademark issue.

IBM - Innovation Institute, LLC Patent Infringement?
• IBM appears to have filed patent applications in many fields similar to Innovation Institute's electronic inventions after Innovation Institute's filing dates.
• At question are patent applications filed by Innovation Institute and its affiliate between Dec 2005 and Dec 2006, plus those filed thereafter in around 80 or more countries. This includes the very draft pat application Genius Adaptive Design with software that adapts to user needs.
• Adaptation is tomorrow's future technology.

Innovation Institute, LLC's parent organizations include: Innovation Institute and Innovation Institute, Inc. They used the Innovation Institute trademark, but not the IBM Innovation Institute trademark per USPTO records since Dec 20, 1984. While trademark law is very complicated, it would be easy for trademark lawyers to verify the presence of Innovation Institute trademark before it became so popular with others. Trademark law protection applies whether one files a trademark application or not, of it it were filed correctly, etc. Usage is the key. So what's the story with IBM Innovation Institute?

Microsoft - Innovation Institute, LLC Patent Infringement?
• Microsoft and IBM have worked closely for most of the days since Bill Gates first approached IBM.  Bill Gate's previous friend Steve Jobs are connected to Innovation Institute in many other ways.  This goes back to Steve Jobs having interacted with Innovation Institute founder's Steven Kays' family members back in the 1970s.
• The first computer Steven Kays purchased was an IBM, though he enjoyed apples in the old days as well.

Search Innovation Institute in the search box and find many hits. You may find one IBM Innovation Institute on their site linked with China unless IBM might have changed their site.

IBM is a much bigger organization than Innovation Institute, LLC. So this is probably an oversight.  Relatively speaking, IBM may have a better reputation for ethics than many other electronics firms.

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