Sunday, March 24, 2013

Most Innovative Telecom Inventions Besides The iPhone

Worlds Most Interesting New Adaptive Tel Inventions
Telecommunications Becoming More Adaptive

Dialect Adapter TM: Interpreting Invention Adapts To Local Dialect

Behavior Analyzer TM: Studies Speech Patterns Then Greatly Improves Other's Comprehension

Adaptive Content TM: Communication Content Adapted To How Users Think & Feel

Modern Telecommunications Turning Into A Booming Field For Adaptive Telephony. Discover how adaptive telephony is undergoing extensive innovation.

Adaptive Interpreter TM: 
The adaptive telephony innovation customizes outputted conversations to the local dialect. Listeners here communications simultaneously translated not only into their language, but also the local regional dialect. Adaptive Interpreter can customize just about any type of verbal interpretation and translations including:
• Sophistication Level: Customizing the sophistication level of the communications for the audience. Adaptive Interpreter first studies the speech content of the communications, then uses the Behavior Analyzer TM to score for level of technical words used. 
• Behavior Analyzer: System has countless ways of analyzing the situation to perfect how the auto customization function works.

Communication Behavior Analyzer TM: 
Analyzes the behaviors of speakers and geo graphical contextual data.  Analysis is used to tailor communications for a better match with the user's culturally bound mind sets.

Adaptive Balancer TM: 
Sound volumes adjust to your location.  The further you walk from a speaker the louder it gets. Always be in the audio sweet spot.  Adaptive Sweet Spot TM uses location sensors to determine your location, or if there are multiple people, their central point. SweetSpot TM actually also customizes thousands of communication and day to day needs in real time.

World's Largest Telecom Patent Applications:
These and other auto customizing telecom inventions come from world's largest telecom patent applications. Free Inventing Machine TM tool uses Innovation Institute's huge invention portfolio to help improve your telecom inventions. It takes a little learning. Or hire Innovation Institute to help. There are interesting sample invention tool outputs via Innovation Institute link, plus this blog's postings.  Follow Us here and get interesting invention and business innovation headline news Innovation Institute's twitter.

Exclusive Telecom Intellectual Property Rights Easily Available
Adaptive Telecom TM technology patent applications filed for over 70 countries in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. Intellectual property rights are based on invention dates and patent filing dates between 1991 through 2012. Infringers are asked to respect the adaptive telephony innovation's pending patent rights arising out o of the past decade's of hard work. To license Adaptive Telecom TM technology call 1 707 428-5000 at Innovation Institute, LLC in California.


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    Speaking with a southern accent when at one's favorite southern restaurant, or with the Chicago dialect when in downtown Chicago, but in a more professional manner when in Chicago's Sears Tower. At O'Hare international one might speak in a more humble yet officious tone when at customs. After all immigration officers are human and judge people b more than what a database may have to say about a visitor's passport number.

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