Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Guaranteed Job Training. Or Pay Nothing.

Guaranteed Job Placement Or Training Is Free
Only Pay After You Get A Job

100% Guaranteed Solano County Training Programs:
• Invention Business
• Property Management
• Receptionist
• Web Marketing
• More

Require either high school or college to apply. Requirements depend on the level of skills you wish to learn.

Guaranteed Solano Job Training Programs

Invention Business:
Learn how to market and license inventions.  Learn about patent rights. Check out the Solano Innovation Institute blog at www.Innovation-Institute.Net  Fast growing business industry. We develop thousands of interesting inventions some of which are listed at www.InventionSpringboard.com and www.twitter.com/Innovation_Inst

Property Management:
Real estate property management training: Learn to manage Solano County real estate rentals.  Handle both residential and commercial real estate property management skills. Possible Solano residential property management in Fairfield, Suisun City and Vacaville.

Office skill training: Learn to help manage the front desk for companies.  Handle busy phones and greet many visitors.  Learn other related skills that can be used between incoming calls and visitors.  Other skills to be learned include: administrative duties that can be done from your desk, and promoting your employer on places such as FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Etc.

Web Marketing:
Social network training: Learn to market services or products on the web.  You do not need to be a web designer.  We teach social networking skills and focus less on how to build web sites. And you will learn the easy short cuts for making web sites for your future employer or customers.

Non Profits:
Learn to promote non profits and other good worthy causes.  Training is primarily social networking via social media sites.

Tracking & Catching Counterfeiters:
Learn to catch companies that steal other’s invention ideas. Inventors and companies loose billions of dollars to such theft.  Patents are intellectual property. Stealing of other’s intellectual property is punishable with huge fines and possible prison sentences. Learn the investigation skills of an intellectual property cop.

Green Technology To Reduce Global Warming:
Work on promoting inventions to reduce global warming.

Learn basic office skills. Become more proficient with office skills for today’s job market. High school diploma needed.

Customized On The Job Training:
• Get real work experience. Work normal business hours.  Mon – Fri 10AM to 5PM with one hour of lunch. The real work environment experience can make you more employable.
• Free training material. No books to pay for. Practice what you read and learned in the real business world.
• Training is partly tailored to your interests and skills. Better than “one size fits all” schooling. Work at an office desk versus sitting in a school chair.
• Location: 1652 West Texas Street, Fairfield, California 94533 (middle of 2nd floor). Call or drop by 707 434-8000

Job Training Certificates:
• Basic: 5 mo
• Intermediate: 3 mo
• Advanced: 3 mo

Free Solano Job Placement Assistance:
Solano Innovation Institute will help you find a job.  We are connected with many Fairfield employers. You’ll get the opportunity to meet the Fairfield employers every day during your training. You can build a relationship with the employers.

Application Requirements:
• Minimum of a high school degree or GRE equivalent.
• Basic computer skills. Windows or Apple.
• Good written and verbal skills
• Pass background check for your ethics
• Professional manner and appearance
• Eager to learn

Job Placement Guarantee Details:
• Guarantee: Tuition is free unless you get a job. That is you only pay tuition if you late get a job. We don’t force you into getting a government student loan that you might not be able to pay back. We can’t promise you success but we promise you won’t have to pay unless you get a job.
• Free Tuition if you don’t find a job: Only pay 18% of your salary after finishing school.  Part time jobs during school don’t count towards tuition. Only pay 18% for the first two years after completing your training. Those months in which you don’t have a job require zero payment for your tuition. Tuition is the same percentage regardless of how high up you go.  The more certificates you get the more employable you might become. We want you to get a job.
• You are free to apply for any job. If you don’t get a job you simply show us evidence that you have not worked like documents you submitted to the government for seeking unemployment compensation or other benefits. No gimmicks.
• We aim to be the best! Let us know if this isn’t Solano County’s best job placement guarantee!

Why Get Stuck With Student Gov Loans You Can’t Pay Back?
Be careful to not get stuck with high tuition bills from traditional for profit schools. You don’t need a government loan. Why take the risk of getting a government student loan since one can’t avoid gov student loans through bankruptcy?

Job Training Certificates
Place your Solano job training certificate on your wall and mention it in your resume and on job applications.  Note that Solano Innovation Institute from Innovation Institute, LLC was established in 1984 but is not your traditional for profit licensed school, or government school. Solano Innovation Institute is not a government-accredited school.  Yet you might learn more real job skills at Solano Innovation Institute than standard “sit in the class room chair” style schools.  Adaptive training programs can be customized to your needs, skills and interests. You get to be placed in a real world work environment. Best known guaranteed job placement for Solano County’s Benicia, Vallejo, Fairfield, Suisun, Rio Vista and Dixon, California!

Call Or Drop By – No Appointment Required:
Call or visit 8AM to Noon or 1PM - 5PM Mon-Fri: 1652 West Texas Street, Fairfield, California 94533 (come to the middle of the second floor receptionist desk).
Preston Blake, Solano Innovation Institute 707 428-5000

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