Friday, February 25, 2011

Google face search can use social network pictures. Genius Adaptive Design can improve technology.

Google Goggles is an interesting image recognition search that works with cell phones. Google Goggles lets you take a picture of anything, then you can google search for what it is.  A Google Goggles user might even lack needed key words.

More on how google face search can use social network pictures

Meanwhile Electronics Innovation Institute (div of Innovation Institute, LLC) is improving its Jan 2006 patent application for a more advanced Visual Analyzer TM invention in its draft published Genius Adaptive Design patent application

Genius Adaptive Design is the world's largest and most detailed patent application on Visual Analyzers known.  Genius Adaptive Design has thousands of novel uses for image analysis and processing. 

Genius Adaptive Design is looking forward to working with Google Goggles to further improve the technology that will help the general public.

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