Monday, February 7, 2011

Why Solano County Is Ideal Location For Innovative California Businesses

There Are Many Reasons Why Solano County Is The Ideal Location For Innovative California Businesses.

Reasons include:
• Solano County businesses are 30 min from Berkeley and 35 min from downtown Sacramento during normal traffic.  San Francisco's downtown is 45 minutes.
• Solano County businesses' employees have lower housing costs.  Solano County house prices for something in fairly move in condition can start at $75,000 for a three bedroom, 1 bath house with garage and 10,000 square foot yard.
• Charming area.  E.G. Near Suisun waterfront.
• Solano County businesses normally have lower taxes than much of the inner San Francisco Bay Area.
• Ample Solano office space for rent in Fairfield, Suisun, Vacaville, etc. E.G. Available office spaces for lease in Fairfield with over a dozen benefits start at only $375/mo all inclusive.
• Solano government and Solano Business Incubator work hard to attract new Solano County businesses.
• Much more...!

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