Monday, March 14, 2011

Nuclear Safety Invention Needs Volunteers. Only Requires Basic Technical Aptitude. Telecommute.

Inventor Seeks Volunteers For Nuclear Safety Invention.

Volunteers Only Require Basic Technical Aptitude. Telecommute from home. Zero nuclear background is needed.

Innovation Institute seeks computer programmers to volunteer their general technical skills. The only requirement is that you have a high aptitude for technical concepts in ANY FIELD.  Ideally you have a background in some area of computer software, hardware, general electronics or basic mechanical engineering.

This lower security kindly asks telecommuting volunteers to permit a background check. Innovation Institute is headquartered in Fairfield, California. Radioactive substances are not handled in any way.

Innovation Institute is innovating nuclear safety protocols. Innovation Institute, LLC filed the world’s largest known patent applications on tackling safety issues. Innovation Institute is 30 minutes north east of Berkeley near highway I-80 in Solano County. Their Fairfield office building is at Innovation Institute’s innovative electronic technology is patent pending in over 80 countries. Innovation Institute’s related technology applies to a wide range of fields from cost effective manufacturing to green technology to home health.

Your Work Involves:
• Do interesting patent searches on software and/or electronic inventions outside the field of physics or nuclear science.  Innovation Institute’s inventions are about applying non-nuclear principles to nuclear safety. Hence you do NOT need to be a nuclear specialist to start. Discover how devoid of advances the field really is.
• Use electronic patent resources like
• Incorporate the electronic invention information you discover online into electronic documents. Edit the documents.
• Telecommute from home. 
• Allot yourself maybe at least 15 to 20 hours a week. This takes a minimum of three months. You can continue longer.
• Naturally your name can be mentioned in the upcoming patent application(s).  The work experience can also look good on your resume.

Some of the other inventions from Innovation Institute are at

As we're under staffed, please only contact us if you may be seriously interested in becoming a nuclear safety volunteer. Write to email: ThinkGreen707 ~at~

Steven C. Kays, CEO & Inventor
Innovation Institute, LLC
California Business Center
1652 West Texas Street, Fairfield, California 94533 USA Fax (707) 427-6422

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