Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nuclear Safety Innovations Moving Forward At Innovation Institute

Innovation Institute is continuing to innovate its nuclear safety inventions. While further details will be forthcoming, Innovation Institute is only saying it is working on patent applications which further innovate Westinghouse's complicated nuclear safety computer procedure patent application below.

The Westinghouse procedure and system has a set of sensors for generating signals representative of a real-time value of a set of facility parameters that indicates various conditions of a process. A server has databases and computer program modules in electrical communication with sensor signals, and provides a server output along a computer network. Westinghouse workstations are connected to the computer network for receiving and displaying the server output, where the server output comprises text and structure of the process. The workstation defines a format in which the output is presented to an operator or other user.

Details on Westinghouse's patent family: US Patent 7813817, WO 2008016409, WO 2008016409, JP 2009537900, EP 2021883, KR 2009009248.

Innovation Institute, LLC's nuclear safety patent applications will incorporate draft suggestions on how to improve nuclear safety related to many different safety patent applications. One of Innovation Institute's main inventors Steven Kays grew up in Tokyo while his father worked for the US Embassy. Steven Kays also spent time in Kiev, Ukraine some years after the world's worst nuclear accident in Chernobyl.

Meanwhile the nuclear safety disaster in Japan continues to get worse. Here's the current update from mid Wednesday 16 March 2011

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