Friday, July 26, 2013

Companies Sharing Inventions Thru Patent Pools

For patent protection, defensive innovative patent pools are being formed.  Usually innovative patent pools handle certain technological fields. Memberships comprise multiple companies, often competitors. 

Large Patent Pools Are Like Co-Operatives Protecting Members
The innovative patent pool fosters the joining patent resources to create a semi independent invention co-operative. While we believe “invention co-operative” might be an accurate term to describe patent pools, today’s world uses patent pools to describe such cross licensing of technology and related functions. The technology patent pool can license the cooperative’s intellectual property to members who help field the financial cost of acquiring patents, and cover expensive management overhead for organizing their pools.

World's Largest Patent Pools: Innovation Institute offers to help protect worthy causes from frivolous law suites claiming false infringement.  Innovation Institute works with one of the world's largest intellectual property portfolios for patent pool protection. It's difficult to define who is the world's biggest patent pool. As the definition of patent pool itself has many meanings, one cannot look at just the number of inventions, or number of licenses to calculate patent pool size or strength. From one factor, Patent Pool Institute TM, division of Innovation Institute, LLC works with as far as we know, the world's largest patent pools. This pool size factor is the size and scope of the patent applications.

Bigger Patent Pools: Here is a list of resources and collaborators who may believe they have the largest patent pools  It includes a small directory of the world's larger patent pools.

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