Thursday, October 7, 2010

Directional Microphone™ Invention

Directional Microphone ™

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Microphone locates the direction of sound sources. Then focuses on those areas to
improve its ability to pick up what is occurring.

Direction is located much like how human ears work. The time difference a sound
reaches each ear (microphone) signifies the general direction sound is coming from. It’s harder to identify a sounds’ direction when one ear is fully closed off.
Our Sound Analyzer determines the nature of an array of sounds. The Sound Analyzer then helps the microphone record just the sounds that fit within the parameters of what needs to be heard.

Make it strong enough to follow a lead singer of a band in concert, freeing him/her to roam the stage without having to carry the microphone

Valuable world license. Simplified flexible license agreement Only five percent royalty, five thousand dollar deposit. Pick your manufacturer, or we’ll connect you with several. Patent filed Jan 2006.  Call Innovation Institute, LLC 1.707.428.5000 California.

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