Thursday, October 7, 2010

GPS Based Language Interpreter™ Invention

GPS Based Language Interpreter™ Invention

GPS for the World Traveler etc…The invention will completely revolutionize the way people are able to travel. The devise is not only GPS enabled, but also has Bluetooth capabilities. The user can select the translate function on the devise and pick from a wide array of preprogrammed questions and responses (Hello how are you? Or where is the closest fine Italian restraint?) The devise plays the translation in audio to a Bluetooth receiver in the user’s ear. This is a stylish non-intrusive way to inter act with people of a different culture. The Bluetooth microphone picks up the response of the person speaking a different language and translates it instantaneously for the user, thus eliminating the language barrier. The Invention also has great features for everyday social interactions of any kind. Tired of attending diner parties and being forced out of a conversation because you don’t have any idea what the others were talking about? The invention allows for discrete voices command searches given into the Bluetooth earpiece. The device searches online sources, dictionaries, and current events to fill you in and keep you up to speed. Now you’re the expert on the latest political crisis. Get the stats on the game you missed last night in mid-conversation around the office water cooler while no one even knows deal locations.

Valuable 15-year world license. Patent pending in over 80 countries. Simplified flexible license agreement Only five percent royalty, five thousand dollar deposit. Pick your manufacturer, or we’ll connect you with several.

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