Thursday, October 7, 2010

Interactive Entertainment Selector For Coach Potatoes™ Invention

Interactive Entertainment Selector For Coach Potatoes™

Media Assistant ™
Select your preferences for programming and our system compares it with the broadcaster’s rating. For example: a viewer likes movies with adventure and minimal violence, immediately they will be directed to movies scoring high under both the adventure criteria and the minimal violence categories. Other criteria by which to score entertainment include:
• Educational value
• Adult content (like a G or PG rating)
• Commercials
• Independent
• Language
• Award Winning

Templates for Scoring Entertainment Programs can be:
• The producer and broadcaster score it.
• System notes the moment user switches channel. It analyzes why they choose which new program.

Valuable 15-year world license. Patent pending in over 80 countries. Simplified flexible license agreement Only five percent royalty, five thousand dollar deposit.

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