Friday, October 15, 2010

Free Intellectual Property. Exclusive IP Rights For Non Profits

To Help Improve The World - Free IP For Good Causes Is Available.

Free international exclusive intellectual property rights for green companies and other NGO’s and non-profits.

Your Steps Simplified:
• Pick from the thousands of inventions in the world's largest know patent application at
• Let us know which invention(s) you want, and how it will help the world. Call California office +1 707.428.5000.
• Chances are good we may accept your free request and donate the inventions to you with far fewer strings than you imagine! You take the burden of developing prototypes and brining them to market. No gimmick.
• Use a standard license agreement similar to what’s used by non-profits getting free license, and others paying royalties.  has the invention license agreement in PDF.

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